Supernatural Gameplay part 10

Karina went into labour while she was out selling potions at the alchemy shop.  She headed to the hospital and Trey caught up with her there.

I was slightly disappointed when Karina had a girl.  She was named Selene, and I gave her the Loves The Outdoors trait and left the other slot available for other traits when she gets older.  But then I was happily surprised that Karina also gave birth to a boy!  He was named Loki and also received the Loves the Outdoors trait.

Karina is looking so sad in this picture because she was still mourning the death of their good friend, Rufus, during her wedding party.

With the arrival of the twins, it was decided that Karina and Trey would stay and help raise the twins until they were old enough to go to school.

Soon it was time for Chandra’s birthday party.  Malina and Darian came to the birthday party, along with several other regular guests, including Gayle.  Unfortunately Gayle cast a love spell on Malina and caused a major rift between Malina and Darian.  Also, Chandra was upset by witnessing a betrayal on her birthday.

The ghost of Rufus came out that night.

We saw that he is quite a bad basketball player!  But it’s funny to see a ghost fall on their butt.

Karina enjoyed a nice hot stone massage from Trey during the full moon.

Damien was practicing his magic and amused everyone with his choice of attire!  This is an excellent example of a “chaos magician,” so I am told.  LOL!

Chandra asked Damien for a bedtime story.  She wanted to hear one of Grandpa Billy’s masterpieces, but Damien couldn’t figure out which shelf it was on in the library, so he decided to read her the Inventing Volume Three book instead!  He’s so crazy, but that’s making him very wonderful to play!

Angelina learned the sculptor’s egg cut for gems (it unlocked around level 5 of sculpting, I believe).  Here she is cutting the flourite gem with the egg cut I like so much.  I’m going to start decorating the house with beautiful eggs soon!

Soon it was time for the twins to have their first birthday.  Karina threw a party and invited all the regulars.

This time, they had a plan for dealing with Gayle.  What she did to Malina and Darian was totally unacceptable!  Karina confronted Gayle before she could even step foot inside the house.

Karina threw a Potent Cure Potion on Gayle, stripping her of her magic powers.

Gayle looked so sad when the magic drained out of her, but that’s what she gets for ruining marriages!

Chandra was very upset to learn that her parents had actually divorced because of Gayle’s heartless actions.

Ultimately, it was better for Chandra to live with her grandparents, rather than a broken home with only one parent.

Billy helped Loki blow out his candles, and he became a very cute toddler.

Selene blew out her candles right after Loki.

The house became very hectic after the twins aged to toddlers, and I unfortunately did not capture any other pictures of Selene as a toddler.  Sorry about that!  The time went by so fast.

Here’s a picture of Loki playing in a toy box.

Chandra and Angelina enjoy frolicking together in sprite form!

Angelina also helps Chandra with her homework quite often, and they’re very close.

In other news, Nova the cat earned enough lifetime happiness to get a Young Again potion.  Angelina helped her apply it, so now Nova is a young cat again and will be with the family for a long time!

Damien started spending a lot of time with his high school sweetheart, once she became an adult.  She didn’t mind his silly ways.

They make quite a cute couple.  When there’s a little more room in the house, they will be able to be married and start a family of their own!

Bonehilda is still faithfully taking care of things around the house.  Here she is cleaning one of the fishtanks.  Some people have issues with Bonehilda, but she works fantastically in my game.

Finally it was time for the toddlers to age up to children.  During this party, the family conspired to try and get Malina and Darian back together.  Damien casted a love spell on Malina and Angelina convinced Darian to flirt with her.  It worked, but we’ll have to wait and see if they can patch things up and get back together.

Here’s Loki as a little boy.

Selene is a cute little girl, and she inherited her grandmother’s blue eyes.

As planned, Karina and Trey moved out of the house after the birthday party.

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims, coming soon!

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  1. jadeleine says:

    Awwww, fairy children are so cool! I love the “snow” looking theme you have with their looks. I have not played fairies lot yet, but the once i have made I usually make light coloured wings. They seem to work best, tough the black ones are looking great with paparazzis rolling in the MF :D.

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! I wanted my first fairy to be all white of course, and then her daughter had sea foam coloured wings, and the granddaughter has pink wings. The fairy that fathered the grandbaby had dark purple wings, so she could’ve inherited them, but she didn’t. I do think light colours work best for the wings though. I will keep experimenting with the new fairies that I make 😉

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