Supernatural Gameplay part 11

Chandra has been writing several children’s books, and I’m not sure which trait enables her to write them, as no one else in the house can write them.  Billy has written nearly 100 novels now, but he can’t write children’s books at all.

Soon it was time for the twins, Loki and Selene, to go to their first day of school.

Billy and Angelina certainly appreciated some quiet time to spend together, with the house all to themselves for a change!

When Selene got home from school, she started practicing painting.

Billy hung out with Loki for a while after they worked on his homework together.  Then all the kids played in the playroom.

Damien got promoted to the thief branch of the criminal career finally!  He’s been bulking up an awful lot with playing hoops in the backyard!

He hasn’t had nearly enough quality time with his girlfriend, so he decided he would have her come over on his day off from work.

That day, Billy and Angelina gave him some privacy to spend time with Kerry.  Billy went out collecting and Angelina went to visit her daughters.

This is the sad little place Malina and Darian are living in.  They’re still living together even though they’re divorced.  Angelina really wanted to buy them some new stuff and make their place better, but they weren’t home.  Next she headed over to Karina and Trey’s home, the tree house near the falls.

She did buy a few things for them, including a new computer, and gave Karina several gifts.

Meanwhile, Damien had some time with Kerry back at the house, and he popped the question.

She accepted of course, and they planned to get married on the next full moon.

When the full moon came, the twins had their first transformation.

Selene was visiting a school mate’s house when she transformed.

Selene had to rush home right away though, because there was a wedding to attend.

The wedding was going perfectly, and Damien and Kerry began getting married.

Unfortunately a zombie interrupted, and right after the peashooter knocked her out, she died!

There she is, dying in the background.  This interruption completely ruined the wedding!  Kerry didn’t feel like trying to get married again, and all the guests left.  Damien was so disappointed!

He invited Kerry over the next day to make things right and get married, because he didn’t want to wait for another full moon.

After a little sweet talk, they got married in the front yard.

Then they enjoyed a sauna together and tried for a girl baby.  Kerry got pregnant right away.

Chandra enjoyed her last day of childhood doing a scavenger hunt for the school.  She went all over town collecting metals and gems.

Meanwhile, Loki decided to play with blocks in a rather creative way!  lol

Finally it was Chandra’s birthday, and time for her to age up to teen.  They threw a huge party for her.

She turned out to look almost exactly like her mother.  (That picture was taken before her wings finished growing!  lol)

Unfortunately there was a lot of tension during the party because Malina and Darian kept fighting the whole time.

It’s really sad to see, actually.  They were such a perfect couple before Gayle and her stupid love spell ruined it all.  I really want EA to give us an amulet of protection against charms or something!  At this point, I have to throw a potent cure potion at any witch sim that I see because I can’t have them ruining my sims’ lives like this!

At least two couples did enjoy the party though.  Billy and Angelina were dancing up a storm on the deck with Karina and Trey.

Stay tuned for another update on my supernatural sims, coming soon!

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