Supernatural Gameplay part 12

It didn’t take long for Kerry to discover that she and Damien were expecting a baby.  It was funny to me that she wished to have a boy, since they conceived in the sauna after trying for a girl!  lol  I didn’t bother to lock that wish for her.

Chandra started using her fairy auras a lot and it helped her with finishing up her latest children’s book.  She’s almost a specialist writer for the children’s genre, and she still doesn’t know what she wants to do when she grows up!

Kerry also started writing and got an opportunity to write a drama novel to improve her relationship with Malina.  She was working on the novel when she went into labour.

Damien had to spend a lot of time at work and catching up with his sleep, so it seemed they hardly got any time together during her pregnancy.

Their daughter was born shortly after they reached the hospital, and they named her Élodie.  She’s a heavy sleeper and virtuoso.

Damien didn’t really get a chance to go into the hospital–that’s how fast the delivery was.  Kerry went through the door and had the baby immediately!  Damien got to take a step or two toward the door before it was all over.

In other news, Angelina finally maximized her sculpting skill.  She’s been working with ice ever since she was able to sculpt ice, because she wants to be able to create permanent ice sculptures.

I was thrilled to discover that Chandra does not have the gardening bug that has been plaguing Angelina since they moved, so now Chandra has taken over the gardening.

During the next full moon, the twins really enjoyed their beastly side.  Loki used his poor table manners to annoy his cousin while she was doing her homework.

Selene practiced hunting and I found it a little worrisome that she was able to dig up a termite near the front door!  I worked hard to build them a quality house–I hope it’s not riddled with termites now.  LOL

Here’s a cute picture of Angelina and Loki gossiping about about Reece the genie–it seems everyone in town either gossips about Reece or Loki’s mother, Karina.  I don’t know what’s so interesting about them and I would’ve guessed that Damien’s mother, Gayle, would be more interesting.  But, sims are silly.

As you can see, Bonehilda was nicely taking care of the housekeeping, but I noticed she was not interacting with Élodie at all.  The poor child ended up dirty, lonely and starving!

It turned out something was wrong with her and I had to reset her before Angelina could interact with her.

It kept happening every time Élodie was placed in the crib.  Eventually, I got rid of the crib.  I thought it would be better if she slept on the floor than if she was neglected all the time because no one could pick her up.

(I think the problem was ultimately caused by an imaginary friend that I didn’t know existed.  There was no mailbox notification about the imaginary friend and it didn’t show up in her inventory until after her first birthday.)

Some people have had difficulty finding the blue and purple fireflies, so I thought I would show some pictures of the locations where I catch them.  I have a complete collection of fireflies now, with enough to keep some of these pretty insects on display.  This is the blue firefly, which was found between the water tower and the school.  I also caught one near the gate of the arboretum.

Here’s a picture of the purple firefly, located kitty-corner from the gym.

If you’re having trouble locating any of the fireflies, use the Collection Helper between 11 pm and midnight, and it will only show the location of fireflies.  That saves a lot of time and effort.  My sims wait until 11 and then go out and collect all the fireflies in town.

Here’s Damien catching the purple firefly.  Somehow he ended up with the jar lid stuck to his hand afterward, and I haven’t reset him yet.

Nova kitty sure enjoys the firefly collection on display in the alchemy room!

Next time I play, I’ll take a picture of the complete collection–this was really just a picture of Nova.  She’s so cute!  I love that she sits and watches the insects for hours, meowing at them now and then, and looking so happy the whole time!

In the morning, Kerry came to play with Nova.  They’re still getting to know each other, but Nova let Kerry pick her up.

Damien joined them and told his wife all about his lid problem.

He looks so distressed!  I am somehow always amused when sims get things stuck to their hands.  This is the first time I’ve seen a jar lid stuck to the hand.

The family was very excited to receive an invitation to Darian and Malina’s party, because they had no success in visiting the troubled couple since they moved out.  Kerry stayed home to look after the children and Damien had to work, but Angelina, Billy and Chandra all attended the party.

It was a pool party, even though they don’t have a pool at their sad little house.  Chandra chatted with her mother briefly and then Angelina joined the conversation.  Malina was rude to Angelina and made her feel insulted.

Angelina rarely plays fairy tricks on anyone, but she decided to play the inner beauty trick on Malina to teach her a lesson.

Malina might be stuck with an ugly face for quite a while if she and Darian keep fighting all the time!  I’m sure she’s just on edge because of living with her ex-husband, but she does need to learn to be nicer to people that aren’t involved in that dispute.

Everyone left the party early.  Billy started teaching Chandra how to drive.

Damien looks particularly funny in his work uniform with the lid on his hand–it looks as if he’s pleased with himself for stealing someone’s lid!  lol

Who says cats and dogs don’t get along?  Billy and Nova are best friends forever, even though he’s an alpha wolf.

Damien got attacked by bees and was very amusing!

Soon it was time for Élodie’s birthday party.  Everyone was invited except for Malina.  Billy gave multiple gifts to Karina and Trey while they were over.  He gave them brooms to fly on, musical instruments, and sporting equipment.

Then everyone gathered around to watch Élodie blow out her candles.  Karina always laughs at people during their birthday parties, I don’t know why.  She’s done that her whole life.

Élodie is a really cute little girl.  She got Damien’s blonde hair and Kerry’s rich skin tone.  I’m sure she’s going to be a good looking lady when she gets older.

The family enjoyed sharing birthday cake together, although it looks like Karina was a bit distressed about having to eat properly while in her werewolf form!

After the party, Angelina and Chandra went to the community garden together.  Angelina studies cooking recipes while Chandra harvests the garden, but Chandra got a little worn out after raiding the community garden!

Stay tuned for another update on my supernatural sims in a day or two!

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