Supernatural Gameplay part 13

I thought I would start off this update by showing you the firefly collection.  This shelf has two of the red fireflies instead of a purple one, but that’s just because I’m disorganized!  lol

Of course, there’s Nova, watching the insects again!  Here’s the shelf with the purple firefly, and a couple of the Will O’ Wisps on it.  I finally caught the green one yesterday, but I haven’t reorganized the insect displays yet.  When I do, I’ll add the purple firefly to the firefly display and decide what I want to put on display with the Will O’ Wisps.

Also, I thought I’d show you the location of the pink firefly in Moonlight Falls.  It’s just across from the junkyard (the white firefly can be found along that road on some nights as well).

Anyways, back to the story.  Billy is snuggling with Nova, and he also has a jar lid stuck to his wrist.  I’ve discovered that all my sims get a lid stuck to their hand/wrist if they go out catching fireflies, and I need to reset them when they’re done.

Angelina supervises while Chandra raids the community garden.  She’s finished learning all the recipes that are available in town.  I don’t feel comfortable sending my sims to foreign locations, so Angelina wont be learning any of those exotic dishes unless she decides to take up watching the cooking channel.  I don’t believe my sims even own a tv…

Angelina finally maximized her alchemy skill too.  She has two potion recipes left to learn.

The twins had their birthday on the weekend, and the party was a great success.  First, Selene blew out her candles.

I decided not to change their hairstyle at all, thinking that the hair they aged up in is the hair they’ll have in werewolf form–that’s how it worked with Karina, and I made the mistake of giving her a very different hairstyle than what she has in wolf form, which breaks the illusion too much.  Anyways, here’s a closer picture of Selene.

Next, it was Loki’s turn to blow out his candles and age up to teen.

He looks pretty much how I expected him to look.  I thought the hairstyle he aged up in suited him fine enough.

He’s a good kid, despite his rebellious trait and fashion sense.  Here he is reading Élodie to sleep.

After the birthday party ended and all the guests cleared out, Billy and Angelina enjoyed some one-to-one time.

I sent Kerry to raid the community garden because she never goes out.  She hates the outdoors, so it was absolute torture for her!  I thought it would do her some good though.  She looks so unhappy about it.

On Sunday, Selene started working on a painting in her grandparents’ bedroom.

Loki painted in the backyard while Billy took a break from writing his latest masterpiece.  He was actually just waiting for Chandra to finish with the garden so he could take her for another driving lesson.

I guess he decided that Élodie should go along for the ride because he carried her out to the car when he took Chandra for her final driving lesson.  Élodie had a really nice time while she was out with them though.

When Chandra finally learned how to drive, they all headed back home.  By then, Selene had finished her cool new painting.

Loki was writing a novel upstairs in Selene’s bedroom.

Billy and Angelina decided to go to sleep for a change!  Most of the time, Billy only sleeps in the afternoon, but sometimes he actually makes it to bed at night!

During the week, Angelina finally finished enough ice sculptures that she can make permanent ice sculptures that never melt.

Then it was finally time for the full moon, and everyone got to see how the twins look in werewolf form.

Loki totally cracks me up!  I expected him to have the same hairstyle in wolf form that he has everyday, but instead, he got the poofy 70’s hair!

Selene has her regular hairstyle in wolf form.  She doesn’t look as whacked out as most werewolves do.  She only looks slightly different from her usual self.

Oh look, here’s a zombie waiting patiently for Damien to finish with the bees before casting a sunlight charm on him!

After dealing with the patient zombie, Damien was angry with Angelina for sleeping, I suppose.  She hadn’t done anything, but he decided to yell at her while she was asleep in the fairy house.

The next day was Élodie’s birthday, but I decided to double check Loki and make sure he didn’t have the werewolf appearance changing bug.  I made him transform to human and back to werewolf again.  Chandra got so scared by the transformation that she fainted!

I was able to confirm that Loki does not have the bug though, he just wears his hair poofy in werewolf form.

Anyways, it was time for Élodie to blow out her candles.

Damien helped her blow them out, and Élodie aged up to child.

Stay tuned for another update in a day or two!

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