Supernatural Gameplay part 14

I noticed that Selene was missing from Élodie’s birthday party, and I found her down the street, dancing in the Red Velvet Lounge.  I just let her stay there and enjoy herself for awhile.  She’s doing the smustle all by herself.

In the morning, after the kids all went to school, Gayle randomly dropped by for a visit.  She looked very sad and lonely.

When she saw that Billy was busy writing, she went and played basketball until Angelina came outside to chat with her.

Bonehilda was stuck trying to socialize with Nova and hadn’t been doing any repairs around the house, so Angelina took the opportunity to do a fairy repair on the stereo while Bonehilda was getting some much needed rest in her coffin.

There wasn’t much excitement in the house for a little while.  Things were just going along in a calm and orderly fashion.  Damien and Kerry finally got to spend some quality time together.

Finally it was the full moon again, and things always get a little more lively during the full moon.

Damien got out the inflatable ducky for zombie busting time!

Of course, Loki tries to look sillier than Damien on a full moon!

Billy formed a pack with his grand kids and they hunted together all night long.  They found so many gems that it took Angelina nearly a whole day to cut them all!

Later, Billy taught Selene how to drive.

Then came prom night, but for some reason, everyone went to prom in their everyday clothes, and no one took the limo.

Selene won the prom queen title and Loki ended up with a random townie girlfriend.

While the teens were away at prom, Damien celebrated his birthday.  I think it’s unfortunate that witches don’t have an extended lifespan, but it’s always fun when a sim has a mid-life crisis!  Damien started having a mid-life crisis, which is especially fun, since he’s insane.

I started trying to earn the Fairly Fine Enchanter achievement with Angelina because it’s been a little while since I earned a new badge.  I had to try three times because something always messed it up.

It’s a good thing that fairy tricks aren’t against the law!

It is particularly challenging to find sims that I don’t mind playing tricks on, but I managed to find a few at the gym.  I was very amused when I saw this one townie guy exercised until he died–now that’s dedication!

After the Grim Reaper reaped this sorry sim’s soul, he decided to get a little exercise himself!

The way Grimmy “jogs” is quite funny!  I took some good video of him jogging and falling on the treadmill.

Then Angelina pestered him a little in sprite form.

Afterward, she played the Inner Beauty trick on him and bestowed the flight of felicity, but I don’t have screenshots because I took video of that instead.  I’m really looking forward to making a new sims video soon, and including some of these cool clips in it!

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