Supernatural Gameplay part 15

Chandra’s birthday finally came and she aged up to adult.  They had another big party to help her celebrate.

Chandra looks so much like her mother!

She danced with her mother and grandfather until the party ended.

She didn’t want to stop dancing and go to bed because it was her first night of freedom!  So she went to the nearby dance club after the party ended.

She had a great time dancing on a table.  Then, just before closing time, she noticed a hunky fairy walk in.

She had to talk to him!  She caught up with him outside the club when the place closed down for the night.  His name is Deon Beckman, and it turns out he’s single and shares romantic compatibility with Chandra!

They hung around outside the club chatting until the sun came up.  She told him all about her favourite colour, as if it was any big secret!  lol

Meanwhile, Angelina was playing with Nova and a laser light in the alchemy room.

Billy was really pushing himself on the basketball court, and building some serious muscle!

Chandra came home and enjoyed some breakfast with her grandmother, and talked about meeting Deon and hanging out with him.

It came time for Chandra’s graduation ceremony, and she too wore the silly hat.  I wonder if it’s because she’s a party animal sim?

She was the class valedictorian, and was voted “Most Likely to Get Married.”  I think that’s a bit dull, though certainly accurate, and Chandra was thrilled because it was a pink ribbon!

Selene was in a terrible mood after the graduation ceremony, and she transformed into her wolf state, shocking several of her family members.  Billy fainted from seeing her transform!

I find it quite funny that Billy passed out from seeing his granddaughter change shape, being a werewolf himself and all.

Kerry also fainted and dropped to the ground outside.

After she woke up, Damien had romantic wishes concerning her.  He flirted with her and kissed her in the kitchen.

Immediately after that warm and tender moment, he blasted her with an ice spell!  LOL  That mid-life crisis of his is rough.

In other news, I finally earned the Profitable Botany achievement with Chandra, because she does not have the gardening bug.

The next day, my sims experienced a horrific tragedy.  It all began when Kerry decided to try one of those magic jelly beans…

I knew there was a very small chance that Kerry could die instantly from a magic jelly bean, but I did not expect her to burst into flames from one!  She tried to run home and put out the flames, but she didn’t make it.

Angelina had tried to catch up with Kerry part way, in hopes of putting out the flames, but she ended up watching her friend die.

I put Kerry’s grave in the backyard and planted a special flower for her.  My sims were extremely upset about her death.

Everyone was sobbing and mourning constantly for two days.

Damien mixed dozens of potent melancholy serums to throw at people and make them feel as depressed as he was.

The worst part was that Nova was also mourning, and her family couldn’t console her.

Soon Kerry began haunting the house.

On their final day of mourning, the sky was dark and angry looking.

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims, coming soon 😉

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  1. Really enjoyed your supernatural ‘review’ 😉 Great characters! You got me convinced; I’ll be buying afterall. Tnx for the lovely pictures an great story. Can’t wait to read more!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Oh thank you! I hope you have as much fun with Supernatural as I do–even with the bugs that it does have. There was a recent game update that fixes the “zombie moon” glitch, so it is apparently safe to save the game during a full moon now. But you need to take precautions when using the mirror or dresser; I recommend making a new save first. The other serious issue is the gardening bug, but it only happens if your sim collects stuff in one neighborhood and then moves to a new one.

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