Supernatural Gameplay part 16

When my sims were finally through their mourning period, Chandra invited Deon over.  She’s a hopeless romantic sim, so she can do this cute pose as she gazes into his eyes.  Chandra asked Deon to marry her, and he accepted.

Then they danced on the deck together and Nova came to check him out.

Loki also took some time to get to know Deon, and they got along quite well.  The whole family seems to like him a lot.

The next day was Élodie’s birthday.  Damien was still feeling depressed and thinking about his wife, who he is still faithful to.

I was hoping the birthday party could cheer him up.

I was very annoyed that someone told the townies there was going to be cake!

Urghh!  I am so thankful to EA for the Lean and Mean potion!  I used to have to evict and delete all fat townies, but now I can fix them.  Angelina threw a potion at this sim immediately.

Phew–that was a close one!

Finally it was time for Élodie to blow out her candles.

She turned out as pretty as I expected!

Damien was still depressed, despite the party.  He tried choking himself even 😦

After the party, the teens went to prom.  Élodie got to go as well, and she won prom queen!  I don’t know how because she just became a teen, but she was quite happy about it.  She also ended up with a random townie boyfriend.

This looks like a very awkward moment!  LOL  Damien autonomously decided to scare Karina.  I don’t make my sims scare each other, but they sometimes do it on their own and this weird moment earned me a new badge for scaring 5 sims.  I think Damien looks like the scared one though.

After prom, Élodie and Selene hung out together for a while.  Selene was feeling really down and had the need to brood.

Élodie started practicing her magic before bedtime and conjured some apples.

She looks like she’s got a wicked side to her character!

Soon it was the full moon, and Chandra’s wedding night of course.  Billy was feeling like a very proud grandparent.

The party started just after moonrise.  The guests arrived and everyone socialized a little bit before the ceremony.

As usual, a couple of zombies came to the wedding!   Damien had to work, and one of the pea shooters was lost during the ceremony, but no one was attacked by the zombies.

Chandra waited a while for her sweetheart, but Deon couldn’t get into the kitchen because there were too many people.  Chandra had to cut the cake by herself.

Gayle complained to Angelina about the lack of fashionable choices for elders–she hates being old.

Chandra and Deon were getting frisky in the dining room.

They went off to the fairy house for some private time together.

OMG, what’s this?!  Darian and Malina were being nice to each other for a change!

I think he’s apologizing to her!  I hope they can patch things up and get back together.

I enjoyed seeing my three generations of fairies dancing together.

The best part of the evening came when Damien got home from work and saw Kerry in the bathroom.

He was so happy to be able to spend time with his wife again!  They snuggled and then played in the livingroom until the sun came up.

Bonehilda was warming herself by the fire too!

When Kerry said she was getting tired, Damien gave her some flowers before she left.

How sweet!

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims in a day or two.

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  1. wolfgirl says:

    Hey, I’m kind of curious, why do you hate fat sims so much? Just curious, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      It’s just because the way EA designed the fat sims is totally unrealistic and I find it offensive. If they looked more like natural bodies it would be better. I hope that makes sense.

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