Supernatural Gameplay part 17

Damien felt he wasn’t getting enough thieving action at work, so he started going out at night to steal things from time to time, but only when he wasn’t being visited by his ghost wife.  He really enjoys the time he gets to spend with her when she does haunt.

She was behaving strangely the next time she came haunting.  She would allow Damien to embrace her, but if he tried to kiss her, she would reject him and shake her finger at him.

He decided to skip trying to kiss her and played spellcasting duels with her instead.  But then he had a clever idea to use voodoo on Kerry.

He intended to use pleasant voodoo on her, but the way he cackled after binding the doll to her freaked her out and she left right away!

In other news, it was just about time for the twins to age up to adult.  I sent them both for a jog before their birthday party because I wanted them to be in good shape when they became adults.

Selene didn’t have any athletic skills until she went out jogging that day.  Loki had developed some athletic abilities playing basketball.

Chandra baked some pie for the birthday party and decided to sweeten it up with honey, but she did it wrong!  lol  As you can see, the plate got stuck in the counter at a rather weird angle, and she only sweetened up one piece of pie.  That’s a lot of honey for one piece of pie!

To be fair, she was really hungry at the time!  I did have to use testingcheats to delete the rest of the pie though, because no one else could touch it and the counter top was unusable with the pie stuck like that.

Finally it was time for the birthday party.  Of course, all the regulars were invited.

Selene blew out her candles first.  She aged up quite well, and her lifetime wish was to become a top DNA profiler.

Some guests were very hungry, so everyone took time to enjoy some cake before Loki blew out his candles.  I laughed when I saw Karina stick her face right in her piece of cake!

She must’ve been pretty hungry.

Soon it was Loki’s turn to blow out his candles.

He developed the party animal trait and wished to become a rock star like his father.

At that point, I was faced with a very difficult choice: which of the twins would stay in the home to bring in the next generation?  I really like both of my potential heirs, and I couldn’t choose on looks alone, because they both turned out good looking.  In addition, they both had great personalities and had developed many skills during their teen years.  I needed to sleep on it, so I saved the game and didn’t decide until the next day.

The next day, my choice was made.  I picked Loki as the heir.  The decision was made because when Karina was pregnant, I wanted a boy and was thrilled when she had Loki after Selene.  So I picked him.

Selene really enjoyed the birthday party, but when it ended, Angelina gave her a very special gift.

She threw a potent cure potion at Selene’s feet so she would be free of the werewolf curse and would never turn into an ugly beast again.  Instead, she will always be normal and pretty.

Perhaps this will help her find a good husband and have a wonderful life.

Selene was happy to go online and find a place of her own, and she moved out of the house that night.

The next day was graduation day, and Karina showed up at city hall for the ceremony.  Loki was wearing a silly hat for his graduation, which confirms that it is indeed the party animal trait that causes this.  Sims without that trait dress normal for their graduation party and the party animals wear a silly hat–though the boys don’t look quite as silly as the girls!

The rest of the family arrived after Loki because he took his motorcycle to the ceremony.

Loki was the class valedictorian but he did not win any additional awards.  After the ceremony, Élodie really enjoyed her day off from school.  She got a manicure to enhance her wicked side, and she practiced magic for a couple of hours in the alchemy room.

That night, she decided to get rid of her townie boyfriend because he was far too old for her.  He had already aged up to adult.  He didn’t take the break up very well, and that made him look like a perv, so Élodie blasted him with an ice spell before sending him on his way.

Now that there is a little more room in the house, Chandra and Deon can have a baby.

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims!

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