Supernatural Gameplay part 18

Chandra and Deon began trying for a baby, but they were not successful in their first few attempts.  They were trying in the sauna because they wanted a girl.  After several unsuccessful attempts, it was time for Chandra to get some rest and Deon to go out catching fireflies.  He catches fireflies every night, and he’s only had a lid stuck to his hand once, so he’s the firefly catcher for the family now.

While Deon was out catching insects, Kerry came haunting once again.

Since Kerry always wants to have a shower as soon as she arrives, Damien saved her some time by casting a hygiene charm on her.  Then he used the voodoo doll to bless her.

Taking care of his ghost wife’s needs as soon as she arrived sure helped their evening!  Kerry had no problems with being kissed when she felt clean and blessed.

Damien romanced Kerry a little and then took her into the wardrobe for some intimate time.  She laughed her ghostly butt off when she saw his clothes afterward.

Knowing that it was nearly dawn and she would soon have to leave again, Damien gave her a nice massage.  Then he went to bed and she decided to feed the fish before vanishing, which was very thoughtful of her.

The next day while Élodie was away at school, Billy and Angelina went skinny dipping together.

Meanwhile, Loki practiced his guitar playing after enjoying the sauna.

It was the full moon again that night, and Chandra and Deon tried for a baby again.  The full moon brought them luck, and they finally conceived.

Chandra’s father, Darian, came over to play basketball during the full moon!  I think I should buy him and Malina their own basketball court because that was silly behaviour.

The next day, Chandra learned that she was pregnant.

Angelina baked some cobbler and sweetened it up with honey–she is a master chef, and she did it right.

Chandra and Deon really enjoyed the cobbler.

Kerry returned that night, and Damien hung out with her again.  He complimented her ghastliness, which I thought was very amusing.

They enjoyed some spellcasting duels once again, and when Kerry got tired, she went and had a little nap in their bedroom.  I thought she might stay longer this time, but she still vanished after her nap.

The following day, Chandra had an aching back and Deon gave her a deep tissue massage to help her feel better.

She was feeling a little stir crazy too, so she went out to catch butterflies after the massage.  She stayed out for several hours, and shortly after nightfall, she went into labour.  She rushed over to the hospital and Deon met up with her there.

After several hours, Chandra gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and they named her Zinnia after one of Chandra’s favourite flowers.

They brought Zinnia home and everyone was thrilled about the new baby, but I was disappointed to see that the birth of a great-grandchild does not count toward Billy and Angelina’s wish to have 5 grandchildren.  I think a great-grandchild should count!

Loki arrived home from work shortly after Zinnia came home.  He was really excited to see her.

As soon as she had the chance, Angelina spent some quality time with her first great-granddaughter.

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims tomorrow!

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