Supernatural Gameplay part 19

Loki had nearly mastered guitar playing, but he still had a little ways left to go.  Everyone in the household enjoyed listening to him practice though.

After the arrival of a new baby, Damien had some wicked ideas in mind.

He stole candy from Zinnia because he’s evil, though baby sims should not have candy anyways, so I think he was doing her a favour!

That candy didn’t sit too well in Damien’s tummy.

Élodie and Nova were becoming very good friends, and Nova decided to present a special maple leaf to Élodie one afternoon.  I thought that was adorable!  Élodie was working on her magic skills at the time, converting things in the alchemy room, but she took the rest of the afternoon to play with Nova.

Soon it was the full moon again.  Billy and Loki formed a pack and hunted all night long, while Angelina was working on a stone sculpture for the local business office.

Damien continued to torment little Zinnia.

There was no zombie action that night and Kerry did not come haunting, so Damien spent most of the night stealing candy from the baby.

The next day, Angelina delivered her sculpture to the business office and earned some new friends at the office.

Meanwhile, Billy and Loki played basketball together.

Finally Damien earned the Steal With Style achievement for me, and he could quit bothering Zinnia!

Billy hunted some more because the green Will O’ Wisp went missing from his inventory somehow.  I was very bothered by that when I went to reorganize the insect displays.  Billy does not do alchemy and there was no reason for the most rare insect of all to simply vanish from his inventory!  I have been obsessively trying to catch another one, but without any success.

Loki continued playing basketball by himself because he is too scrawny in his wolf form.  He is extremely muscular in his human form and it looks so strange when he transforms and loses his muscles!

He had to leave for work in the afternoon, just as Élodie returned from school.  They chatted briefly before Loki went on his way to work.

Zinnia grew up so fast!  Soon it was time for her birthday.  Chandra threw a big party and invited everyone.  She chatted with her parents when the party first started.

Darian and Malina are good friends once again, but there appears to be no hope that they will ever rekindle their romance.

When it came time for Zinnia to blow out her candles, Damien was the one to help her.  Even though he tormented her throughout her infancy, he was the one that was closest to her.  They were best friends in fact.

When Zinnia aged up, she developed adorable bumble bee style wings in her favourite colour!  I was so surprised that she did not inherit the wing style of either of her parents.  Until this point, my fairy offspring have always inherited the wing style of one of their parents.  I don’t know if Zinnia’s wings were random or the result of crossing the two types of wing styles her parents have.

Either way, she looks so cute with those bumble bee style wings!

Bonehilda loves Zinnia very much of course.

As the birthday party progressed, the adults enjoyed an excellent guitar performance by Trey.

Chandra put Zinnia to bed when she got sleepy.

Meanwhile, Loki played catch outside with his twin sister.

Although this picture is very dark, you can see that Loki has just hit his sister in the face with the baseball!  I don’t know why, but I find it endlessly amusing when sims play catch and one sim is constantly hit with ball.  I’m just glad they can’t get a broken nose or anything from it.

When the party was over, Billy and Angelina spent some quality time together.

It would seem there is nothing better than celebrating the first birthday of your great granddaughter while you are still a young adult to make you feel incredibly happy to be alive!

Stay tuned for another update about my supernatural sims in a day or two.

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