Seasons Gameplay part 1

I apologize for not posting an update in over a month–I had complications in my life that prevented me from simming as much as I usually would, and when the 1.42 game update was released, I decided to wait until Seasons came out before playing the game again.

I am continuing with my Supernatural “test family” for now, and you can learn more about the family in the Supernatural Gameplay posts (part 1 to 19).  In short, the family is in its fourth generation, with the founders still alive (at young adult stage, because they’re supernatural) and raising the younger generations.  In addition, there is an unrelated roommate (who was born and raised in the household) and his teenaged daughter.  The male founder is Billy Glim, a werewolf.  His wife is Angelina Glim, a fairy.  Their grandson, Loki, is a young adult werewolf, and he had a twin sister named Selene, who is no longer living in the home.  Their other grandchild, Chandra, is a fairy, and she has a toddler aged daughter named Zinnia (also a fairy).  Damien is the unrelated roommate, and he is an adult aged witch.  His daughter, Élodie, is a teen now and she’s also a witch.

When I loaded up my game, most of the family was dancing in the livingroom.  The first thing I needed to do was make some extra room in the house–in hopes of getting some aliens to join the household!  I really love Chandra, but I decided that she and her husband, Deon, needed to move out right away.

Chandra kissed her baby girl goodbye while Deon made the moving arrangements.  Then they moved to their own house in Moonlight Falls.

As they were leaving, Selene dropped by for a visit.

There was so much I needed to do, so I let the family socialize as they pleased, and I got started with the all-important task of selecting new outfits for everyone.  I began with Billy and Loki because werewolves used to get bugged sometimes when you changed their appearances–I don’t know if that bug still exists or not, so I took extra care with them.

I needed to pick out some outerwear for everyone, because there’s a new clothing category for cold weather.  Sims will change into their outerwear automatically when it’s too cold for their regular outfit.  I decided to create some bonus outfits while I was at it.  Everyone got an extra everyday outfit for warm weather if their regular everyday clothing didn’t suit hot weather, and I also made an extra everyday outfit with a Christmas/Snowflake Day theme.  Here’s Billy’s Snowflake Day outfit, which will look nice for indoor pictures during the winter season.

After creating his bonus outfits, I needed to have him transform to werewolf form to make sure he still looked as he should as a werewolf.  Both Billy and Loki looked as they should in werewolf form after picking out new outfits, and no one had their ages reset by using the dresser!  I sure hope this means the dresser bugs have been fixed.

Here’s Élodie’s holiday outfit!

After taking care of the clothing updates, I decided to play around with the Seasonal Lot Marker (you can learn more about it on the Sims 3 forums).  I was really looking forward to setting up the house to have some objects and decor items rotate throughout the year!  The process took a couple of hours, as I needed to get familiar with using the Seasonal Lot Marker, and then set up the special objects and decor for each season.  I added special outdoor activities for each season, and set the dining room and livingroom to have some rotating decor.  I also added the ice cream maker and snow cone cart to the kitchen for summer, and put out some decorative sweets in the kitchen for winter.

The dining room took some time to do because I wasn’t able to figure out how to get the decorative items on top of the tables to rotate throughout the year without also making the table change throughout the year.  So after a few mistakes, I set it so the table itself is changed every season, and that made it much easier to place different decor on the table for each season.  The original dining table (with chairs) and decorative end table in the room were placed in the Construction Mode, so they will appear for one day at the start of each season.  Then they change to the selected decor of the current season after that first day.  I did the same with the coffee table in the livingroom.  This work took quite a while to complete, but I was thrilled with the results!  It was definitely worth the time and effort to set it up–and I plan to set some of the artwork on the walls to rotate with the seasons as well, but I’ll do that another time 😉

Once I was finally able to start playing the game, I had Damien create an online dating profile.  He is a widower and has remained faithful to his dead wife, but I believe he deserves to find true love.  The new attraction system in the game is quite interesting!  Will Damien be able to find true love online?

This is Damien’s brutally honest online dating profile.

Billy and Angelina had some snuggly intimate time before going to bed.  They are not technically attracted to each other with the new attraction system, but I don’t know if that is just for sims who are meeting for the first time.  Billy and Angelina will always be madly in love with one another.

In the morning, the Construction phase was over and new summer objects and decor appeared in the yard and inside the house.  Angelina decided to go rollerskating when she woke up.  Fairies do not put on skates, they just fly around the rink.  I think she looked funny flying around the skating rink in her underwear!

I’ve read that genies also float around the rink, and I saw that werewolves in wolf form will run around the rink on all fours.  I’m assuming that sims will develop their skating skill while using the rink, even if they are not technically skating.  However, I’m just assuming this.  I hope Angelina will learn how to twirl and do special moves on the rink in time.

While Angelina was playing on the rollerskating rink, Loki played a game of horseshoe with his twin sister, who was still visiting.

It started to get hot outside, so Angelina pulled out her new parasol to protect her fair skin from the sun.

Indoors, Élodie was getting ready for school and decided to check out the new decor.  Here’s the summertime table decor, as it was first started (I added to it later).

There’s the snow cone cart in the kitchen.  I found it particularly challenging to have counter top appliances rotate throughout the year, which is why I went with the cart instead of the counter top version of the snow cone maker.  I think I’d have to swap out the whole counter each season in order to place a different appliance or decor item on it every season, like I did with the tables, but I didn’t mess around with the counters too much.

Billy and Angelina went to the summer festival that afternoon.  Here’s a better view of the festival grounds.

The first thing they did was have a greeting card photo taken.  I uploaded the photo to my wall on the Sims 3 site, but the copy that went into their inventories appeared blank when I tried to hang it on the wall.  I’m not sure if that will happen all the time or if it was a one-time glitch.  It was nonetheless disappointing that their photo was ruined.  They had a nice time at least.

Next up, they decided to go for face painting.  They earned some festival tickets from getting their faces painted (I don’t know if the greeting card booth earned them tickets or not).  Here’s Angelina’s face paint, she was pretty excited about it!

Billy got a simple plumb bob painted on his cheek.  Next, he practiced soccer while Angelina picked some of the beautiful wildflowers.

As you can see, Billy decided to autonomously enter the hotdog eating contest while Angelina was picking those flowers, but I pulled him away from that.  I wont allow my sims to participate in competitive eating because the whole concept is appalling to me!  I would rather have my sims freeze to death in the cold.

Billy joined Angelina in picking flowers instead of being disgusting with hotdogs.

Damien arrived at the festival after taking care of the bees and checking his messages on the dating site–he had no messages yet.  He also got his face painted, but he didn’t like it very much.

Billy and Angelina had a fun water balloon fight.

There’s Angelina getting soaked from a balloon that hit her.  It’s quite funny to watch the water balloon fights.  The sims jeer and taunt each other and laugh an awful lot.  Sometimes they get hit so hard by a balloon that they are knocked over by it!  They can dodge sometimes as well.  It takes a long time to finish a one-on-one water balloon fight, but the sims did earn festival tickets from that as well.

After school, Élodie came to the festival also and got a cute sun painted on her cheek.  I should also mention that while she was at school, she met a boy that she’s attracted to.  I decided that she will pursue the potential relationship when she has an opportunity.  She needed to enjoy herself at the festival first though.  Here she is performing some stunts for tips at the broom arena.

Billy and Angelina’s water balloon fight continued after sunset!  It does take a long time, as I said earlier.  I was finally able to catch a couple of shots of Angelina when she got knocked on her bumb by a hard hitting balloon.

As you can probably guess, Billy won this fight.  He earned quite a few festival tickets for his victory, and Angelina didn’t earn anything for losing.

Élodie enjoyed a delicious snow cone after her broom riding.  Then she phoned and chatted with the boy she has a crush on, and finally headed home to get some sleep.

Damien skated a bit by himself, but he didn’t seem to be enjoying the festival very much.  He also went home to get some rest.

Billy and Angelina set off fireworks before they left the festival.  You need to go to map view to enjoy the fireworks, but I took some pictures of them to show you.

There’s the first one.  I regret that I did not pay attention to the names of the fireworks as my sims set them off.  These fireworks were just set up on the festival grounds and my sims helped themselves to them.  When they buy fireworks for home use, I will pay attention to the names.

Now here is a rainbow fireworks display.

The next one I’ll show you was my favourite of the ones my sims tried so far.  I look forward to discovering what the name of it is, because I would like to use this one often.

All right, that’s enough for this update.  I still have tonnes of things to show you, but I will write another post later today 😉  I hope you enjoyed this first update about Seasons gameplay–please let me know if there’s anything you really want to see for summer (other than competitive eating), or let me know if you have any questions that I might be able to answer for you.

Stay tuned for another update later today.

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