Seasons Gameplay part 2

Damien was in a bad mood when he returned from the festival, because he just wasn’t having any fun, so he went straight upstairs to play with little Zinnia.  That always cheers him up!  Damien and Zinnia have been very close since she was a newborn and he kept stealing candy from her.

Once he was in a better mood, his checked his online dating and found a message from a woman named Navita who said she liked his profile and wanted to meet him.  He accepted her request and checked out her profile.

It was immediately clear that Navita’s profile was dishonest because a sim cannot be evil and good at the same time.  Damien would later discover that Navita doesn’t have any of those traits, but he didn’t know that when he accepted her request.  He was just very excited that someone was interested in him.

Meanwhile, Loki had gotten off work (he’s a musician) and went to the festival, even though it was quite late at night.  He got his face painted and then rollerskated for some time.

The next day was Zinnia’s birthday.  Angelina decided to drop by the festival for a little while before the birthday party.  She earned a few extra tickets and then redeemed her tickets for some cool sparklers and fireworks.

Back at home, Loki enjoyed some ice cream from the ice cream maker, which is one of the most annoying premium content items from the Sims 3 Store!  I usually only put it on community lots because it’s so annoying, but I thought it would be all right to have it on the home lot during the summer.  It hasn’t caused too much trouble as of yet, but Bonehilda did not clean it when it got dirty.  I don’t know if she was just busy or if she actually cannot interact with that item.

After school, Élodie wrote a love letter to Anwar, the boy she has a crush on.

Finally it was time for Zinnia’s birthday party.  All previous members of the household were invited to the party, and a few extra guests showed up as well.  The party got off to a very interesting start when Selene told Damien she was attracted to him–he’s practically her uncle!

She quickly accused Damien of being evil and got rather upset when he tried to hug her.  I didn’t want them to get involved anyways, but that was some odd behaviour on Selene’s part.

Everyone gathered around to watch Zinnia blow out her candles.

I was so surprised when Zinnia developed the bumblebee style of wings as a toddler, and surprised again when she developed another style as a child!  Now she has the same style of wings as all her family members before her.

After picking out new outfits for herself, Zinnia played the chattering teeth trick on her father.

The following day, Billy and Angelina enjoyed the festival some more.  Here’s a shot of Billy having a soccer shootout with a random townie–Billy is really good at soccer already.

Damien received a phone call from Selene, asking him on a date, but he turned her down.  He arranged to meet up with Navita at the festival when she was done work.  By that time, Billy left the festival to search the galaxy with his telescope and Angelina went to inspect and use the Weather Stone.

If you have Seasons and Supernatural installed, the Weather Stone will appear at some random location in your town.  You can force it to move by deleting the stone and restarting your game, causing it to spawn in another random location.  My Weather Stone is located in a vacant lot/park near the hospital and I didn’t mind that location, so I left it there.  Angelina went to use the stone and summoned the special revitalizing rain that fairies can create with the Weather Stone.

As Damien met Navita for the first time, flowers were raining from the sky.

She was very impressed with Damien when they met.  They don’t have any traits in common, unfortunately, but they do have romantic compatibility and are attracted to each other.  With the new attraction system, building a relationship with an “attractive sim” is very easy!  They build a strong bond extremely fast.  Damien learned that Navita was married, but he decided their marriage must be unhappy or she wouldn’t have been online looking for love.  He’d just get her to leave her husband if things work out with her.

The flower rain was really intense when Damien brought Navita back to the house to get to know her better.  They watched the stars together, but I’m sure all they could see was countless flowers raining from the sky.

The flower rain stopped and then Billy quit searching the galaxy to go and investigate mysterious lights in the backyard!

This is how the alien abduction encounter begins.  I’ve read that the alien encounters are random, but certain things can increase your chances of being abducted.  Apparently collecting and analyzing space rocks and searching the galaxy with the telescope are two common ways to increase your chances of being abducted, and Billy does both of those activities regularly.

A small spaceship appears and then uses a tractor beam to abduct your sim.

Billy was only with the alien for a few sim minutes before being returned to the front yard.

The alien beamed down next to him when he came back from his abduction.  I was quick enough to capture a picture of them standing together.

Billy has no memory of this alien, so I guess they didn’t socialize at all during the encounter.  The alien just ran a quick experiment or two, I guess.  Anyways, after he dropped Billy off, he got back into his spaceship and took off again.

Billy was really tired, so he ran inside and went to sleep.

Stay tuned for another update, coming soon!

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