Seasons Gameplay part 3

In the morning after Billy’s first alien encounter, Angelina woke up and watched television for the first time in her life.  They never owned a tv all this time, but I read on the Sims 3 forums that a sim who has cooking skill over 5 when Seasons was installed could still learn the Pumpkin Pie recipe by watching the cooking channel for a few minutes.  Unfortunately, that didn’t work for me.  Angelina watched tv most of the day and never learned the recipe (or any other unique recipes).

Billy felt fine when he woke up.  I was truly hoping he would become pregnant from his alien encounter, but he did not.  I read that when the abducted moodlet wears off, they will have a new moodlet for unexpected weight gain if they are pregnant.  Billy didn’t get any such moodlet, so I sent him out to collect more space rocks.  He went jogging with his parasol!

Zinnia worked hard to finish her homework after her first day of school.  Actually… maybe it was her second day?  Anyways, the picture was taken mainly to show the summer decor in the dining room.

My sims decided to throw a gift giving party.  You can have a gift giving party at any time of the year–it’s not just for Snowflake Day (although that is a perfect time to have one!)  I wanted to see what the party is like before winter comes around.

The pile of gifts appeared just inside the front door, but I moved it to the livingroom where there’s plenty of seating for guests.  Family members and friends were invited to the party, and once again, some uninvited guests showed up.  One uninvited guest was Navita.

Once everyone had arrived and placed a gift in the pile, I got the party rolling by clicking on the pile of gifts to call everyone around.  Élodie was the first one to pick out a gift, and she received a guitar.  Just as she was opening her gift, Billy arrived back home from his rock collecting outing.  He joined the gift giving party even though he missed the beginning of it.

I’ve got to tell you: the gift giving party is really fun for all the sims and especially for me!  I enjoyed watching everyone’s reactions to their gifts.  You can tell what a guest receives because they think about their gift right after opening it, so you can watch their thought bubbles closely if you’re curious.  The sims living in the household will get a popup message that says exactly what their gift is.

Does Billy look tanned at all to you?  I can’t tell.  All my sims have been spending a lot of time outdoors, but none of them look like they’ve been tanned at all.  It could just be my eyes though.

Loki returned home from work in time to participate in the gift party, but then he got another, even better surprise after the party ended.

Loki was in werewolf form when he got abducted, so I didn’t have much hope he’d come back pregnant.  I’m not sure if it’s the same with the alien experiment, but I know werewolves cannot get pregnant or father a baby in wolf form, so they probably can’t get alien pregnant either.  If you’ve had a werewolf in wolf form get pregnant from an alien abduction–please tell about it in the comments!

Loki had been picked up by a female alien.  I think her name was Sharon, but I’m not entirely sure.

Meanwhile, Damien had asked Navita to stay over when the party ended.  They had their first kiss on the back deck.

The little werewolf boy no one knows was really upset with Damien’s behaviour!  The two lovebirds went inside and Damien got Navita to break up with her husband.  Then they officially became a couple.

I would say that the online dating thing worked out pretty well for Damien.

The next day was Leisure Day, and everyone had a day off from work and school.  The seasonal holidays happen on the last Friday of the season.  That morning, I got to experience my first weather disturbance: hail.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to capture the mailman’s reaction to the hail, but it was quite amusing.

The hail stopped by the time Élodie checked the mail.  She received two love letters from Anwar, so she decided to invite him to the summer festival and get to know him better.

She got her first kiss with him.

When the rest of the family (except for Damien) arrived at the festival, Billy and Élodie had a water balloon fight with Anwar and Zinnia.  The team fights are a lot faster than one-on-one.  The score was so close–100 to 90–but Zinnia and Anwar won the battle.  Zinnia needed the festival tickets more than her family members anyways.

Élodie’s parasol had somehow gotten damaged, and everyone laughed at her and pointed when she tried to shield herself from the sun with it.

Billy got some hot wings from the concession stand.  There were a lot of neat new foods to choose from, but I didn’t know what all of them were, so I went with hot wings.  One option was funnel cake, and I’ve heard of those but do not have any idea what they are like.

Damien was not at the festival because he’d been invited to a party at Navita’s house.  She was still living with her ex-husband, but that didn’t stop her from getting romantic with Damien during her party.

Damien proposed to her, and they became engaged.  I’m not convinced she’ll make a good wife for him, but he was so alone after his first wife died, and it’s better for him to have a companion.

He went home and removed his online dating profile, because he is an honorable man.

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming soon!

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9 Responses to Seasons Gameplay part 3

  1. blaze says:

    how exactly do you get those aliens to abduct others? I have been trying to get mine abducted for ages but they never show up lol so the question is how to make them come and kidnap you

    • enkeli63 says:

      It seems collecting and analyzing space rocks and searching the galaxy with the telescope really helps improve the chances. I try to get my guy to collect and analyze three space rocks every day, and he spends a couple hours searching the galaxy with the telescope almost every night. Some abductions are random (like Loki’s, I was not trying to get him abducted). I haven’t had any aliens just show up on data collecting missions yet, so my sims have not been able to socialize with any aliens yet 😦 I wish you luck in getting abducted!!

  2. blaze says:

    thanks tho if I fail I might as well just come to finland and kidnap you instead 😛 atleast I get something out of it then lol

  3. Ally says:

    This was cool. I love Angelina’s look. 🙂

  4. sora tricks says:

    to get your male sim preggers you need to save your game while the abdution moodlet is still there and then exit the game then re enter and once that moodlet wears off there should be another moodlet that last for two days then you should have a baby boy or girl…..i got a girl

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you 🙂 I know how to do that–it doesn’t work with supernatural males though. It did take me a while to figure out it is impossible for supernatural males to have an alien baby from alien abduction. Congratulations on your baby alien girl.

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