Seasons Gameplay part 4

There was still a weekend remaining in summer, and the kids spent Saturday morning on the roller rink.  After several hours of skating, I got popup messages saying that Élodie improved her skating skill, but I never got one for Zinnia.  I am reasonably convinced that fairies cannot develop any skating ability, and will never be able to skate backwards.  I don’t know about twirling with another sim.

Billy got abducted again on Saturday night, and this time he was picked up by a Pollination Technician.  I am pretty sure that sims need to be abducted by a Pollination Technician in order to be impregnated during the encounter.  It is said that the alien abduction pregnancy is not a typical pregnancy (obviously) and that the sim is used as a host to carry the alien’s offspring–resulting in a pure-blooded  alien baby.  Only male sims can be used as a host to carry an alien baby.

Billy had a different reaction to this abduction as well.  He immediately held his belly and groaned like he might vomit.

He went to bed and dreamed about babies, which sims often do when they have conceived a child.  I was extremely hopeful that I would soon get an alien baby.  Unfortunately, once the abducted by aliens moodlet wore off, Billy did not get the unexpected weight gain.  Feeling sad and unnecessarily violated, Billy went out for a jog on Saturday afternoon.

Sunday night was also Prom Night for Élodie, which would be her third one!  The whole thing is old news for her, but she had a special date with a boy she found especially attractive, so she decided to go to Prom once again.

During the prom, Anwar asked her to go steady, and she accepted.  Élodie was voted Prom Queen for the third time!  She’s such a popular girl.

Sunday night was also the night of the full moon, and family tradition dictates that marriages take place outdoors during the full moon.  Damien arranged his wedding to Navita and invited as many past household members as he could.  (When Damien got married the first time, his full moon wedding ceremony was ruined by the death of an elder zombie, and Damien was forced to have a quickie private wedding the next morning.  He was really looking forward to his second wedding, and a little stressed out about the prospect of zombies.)

A zombie did show up shortly after the bride and other guests arrived.

It also started to rain, and I was very amused by the zombie shuffling along with his umbrella–I didn’t think zombies would care about a little rain!  lol

Werewolves do not appear to develop the wet dog smell when they’re exposed to the rain, just so you know.  Some wedding guests had the good sense to use umbrellas, but most of them got soaked during the ceremony.

The pea shooter didn’t take care of the zombie, despite having given it orders to attack the zombie three or four times.  I was worried that the recent game update or installing Seasons had actually broken the pea shooters.

By the time the ceremony was underway, there were already three zombies in the yard and one was going to attack Damien!  Angelina needed to pull herself away from watching the wedding and take care of the zombies herself.

Thankfully she had a lot of cure potions on hand, and quickly tossed one on each zombie.  Poor Selene was one of them (probably because of a zombie attack that I didn’t witness).

The wedding went through without a hitch though, and Navita became part of the household.  Everyone was happy to go inside and get out of the rain!

Navita used the annoying ice cream maker and had an ice cream cone instead of participating in cutting the wedding cake.

Meanwhile, another elder zombie died outside.  The pea shooter worked to knock out this zombie, but she died as soon as she was cured of her affliction.

Loki introduced himself to the Reaper and they hung out for a while.  He even told Grimmy a ghost story!

Billy and Angelina wont allow themselves to be upstaged by any other couple–they enjoyed some awesome party make outs and displayed their affection proudly.

After the wedding party ended, it was time for Damien and his new bride to move out.

If not for the addition of aliens in Seasons, I would’ve kept Damien in the house until he died of old age.  I adore him and he’s almost as much of a family trademark as Billy and Angelina are.  However, Élodie recently learned the Sunlight Charm and can take care of zombies herself, and the family does need room for some aliens, so Damien had to move out.  At least this way, I might not have to see him die.  That would just be too sad.

In the past, I cured other witches when they moved out so they couldn’t use their ridiculous love charm to ruin happy marriages, but I’ve started getting the Above Reproach lifetime reward for everyone instead.  Damien was allowed the dignity of retaining his magical abilities.

Monday morning was the first day of the Fall season.  Élodie went to the Arboretum early in the morning to turn in some alchemy supplies as part of her alchemy mastery quest.  She went early, but still ended up being a few minutes late for school.

Billy was just finishing up his full moon hunting when he noticed a few leaves falling to the ground.

Here’s a picture showing the trees as they just begin to change colour.  The leaves turn a pale yellowish green first; the gradual change is very well done!

Angelina was inside, enjoying the company of her old friend, Gayle–Damien’s mother.  Gayle had lingered after the wedding was over and all the other guests went home.

After Gayle finally left, Angelina got dressed and went outside to rake the fallen leaves.

Bonehilda also got in on the act!  My sims have four leafy trees on their lot, I believe, but they produce an awful lot of fallen leaves.  I would hate to see the mess made by a yard full of trees!  During the Fall, Bonehilda spends most of the time raking leaves and the housework fell behind noticeably.

Billy joined in the raking to try and make it get done faster, but this is truly a losing battle.

(Two of the tress in this picture are not on the family’s lot.)

It started to rain that night, and I thought it was great that even Bonehilda uses an umbrella!  I also thought she wouldn’t mind getting a bit wet, since she always wets her bones with the drinks she mixes at the bar most nights…

I wont show random weather pictures all the time, but this is the first heavy rain I saw in the game and I was really impressed by the way the droplets make ripples in the puddles that have built up!

It’s also really great to see the rain dripping off the edges of the roof, and rolling off the umbrellas so realistically.  Fantastic!  I’m sure these effects will impress anyone seeing them for the first time in Sims 3 Seasons.

On the second day of Autumn, the Fall Festival arrived in Moonlight Falls.

It looks a bit dark in this picture because it was still overcast.  Billy and Angelina went to the festival early and harvested some pumpkins for carving jack-o-lanterns–no one has learned the pumpkin pie recipe yet, because they were all over level 5 cooking skill when I got Seasons.  Zinnia will be the first one to learn that recipe, I’m sure.

Billy got a couple extra pumpkins for planting in the garden too.  That reminds me, the fruit trees began to change their colour on the second day of autumn (except for the money trees).

The change in the trees is much more noticeable here, and you can see that some of the branches are showing because they’ve dropped their leaves to the ground.

Back at the festival, Billy and Angelina went through the Haunted House before getting a greeting card photo taken (the greeting card photos are working for me now; no longer turning blank).

Going through the Haunted House is a lot faster than I expected.  I got a popup about something scary happening to Angelina, but I didn’t notice if she got a moodlet from it.  I was a little disappointed by how quickly they went through it.  I was expecting it to take a minute or two, and I thought there would be two or even three popups about the spooky stuff in there.  Instead, the Haunted House was a let down, but at least it does look cool on the outside.

Make sure you don’t neglect your pets with all this neat new stuff to experience.  Billy and Nova are still best friends forever, but Nova did catch fleas.  I could’ve sent her to the automatic pet washing machine, but she needed some time with Billy, so he gave her a nice bath by hand.

Tuesday was Élodie’s birthday, so she threw a party after school.  She invited Anwar over and broke up with him right away.  The reason she did it is that, without a potion, he would not age up for a while, and she would not be able to break up with him when he’s still a teen and she’s an adult.

Of course, she could’ve just waited for Anwar to age up, or use a potion on him, but I had better plans for her romantic future.

After the unpleasant business was dealt with, it was time to get on with the party.  Élodie called everyone to the kitchen to watch her blow out her candles.

While she was taking care of her big coming-of-age makeover, Angelina and Zinnia carved their pumpkins.  Angelina made a cat style one and Zinnia did hers in silly style.  Later, I put them in the front with Billy’s traditional style jack-o-lantern.  They look awesome when they’re lit at night!

Zinnia played with rainbow sparklers while waiting to see Élodie’s makeover.  My game crashed in CAS, by the way.  I’d been playing the game for hours, so I recommend saving the game before going into CAS if you’ve been playing a long time.  Thankfully it wasn’t too long since my last save–and I was pleased to confirm that the moon cycle is now stable (no longer resetting when you restart the game).

At last, Élodie had her makeover and rejoined the party to dance with her father.

When Loki got home from work, he went to congratulate her on her birthday, and they found themselves very attracted to each other!

That’s what I was hoping for, and I’d been planning to get them together ever since I chose Loki as the heir instead of his sister, Selene.  I am really happy that they’re also attracted to each other though!  Loki has been turning down other women ever since I started playing with the new attraction system.

He finally got his very first kiss with Élodie.  When he asked her to be his girlfriend, Élodie got the “exploring her options” romantic reputation.  She has never cheated on any boyfriend, but she’s had three boyfriends now.

Billy got abducted again that night.

It was not a Pollination Technician, but I still hoped he would get pregnant already.

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming soon!

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5 Responses to Seasons Gameplay part 4

  1. blaze says:

    love the story and damn him for getting abducted again lol I still havent had any of mine abducted even once ah well all good things come to those that wait they always say 😉 btw the blog is updated again tho this time its not really a story update just a little get to know the sims I’ll be playing with kind of thing

    • enkeli63 says:

      Be prepared for more jealousy as I update some more–he’s been abducted an awful lot!! So the way to get abducted is to collect and analyze at least two space rocks, and search the galaxy with the telescope before midnight. Apparently that gives the sim a 90% chance of abduction that night (between 1 and 4 am, I think). Having some space rocks in the yard can help attract alien visitors that you can get to know and invite into the household, but I’ve only read that and still have never seen an alien visitor. Though, until recently, I was storing all my space rocks in a treasure chest for when I finally do get an alien of my very own.

      • blaze says:

        actually after I wrote that comment like two seconds after (when I whent back in game) a alien vissited me out of nowhere (I had not collected any rocks and only stargazed once) I was quick as hell tho and added the alien to the household for future use via a mod couldnt let the alien slip away after all lol

      • enkeli63 says:

        I bet the testingcheats would work for adding the alien to the house too, without mods. I never use mods, but I do use the testingcheats in order to open buydebug and use the Seasonal Lot Marker. I turn off the testingcheats (leaving buydebug on so I can update things as I play). I wont use the testingcheats with this family for any gameplay things though, because they’re a Legacy.

  2. blaze says:

    actually it did not work I had to use Mastercontroller to add him and yeah I never use testingcheats for any other reasons than yours and I always turn them off but I use Twallan’s storyprogression cause its better than the standard EA one and Mastercontroller for various things like the adding of that one alien

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