Seasons Gameplay part 5

Élodie was a little groggy when it came time for her graduation ceremony, because she’d been up late the night before, flirting with Loki.  I think the fall season is a really lovely time of year for a graduation ceremony.

Let me show you an overhead view of the central area of Moonlight Falls, now that all the leaves have rich, vibrant colours.

Élodie was the class valedictorian and she was voted the most likely to offend others.  I already had both of those ribbons in the family collection, so I decided to delete them.

By the end of the ceremony, Billy’s abducted moodlet wore off and I could see he still wasn’t pregnant, so he went to the science facility to participate in an experiment.  (As if he hadn’t been experimented on enough recently by the alien encounters!)

Zinnia spent some time at the fall festival by herself before coming home.  She got her face painted and then her umbrella broke.  Most of my sims have new umbrellas that are upgraded to unbreakable, but Zinnia still had her first umbrella.

Angelina decided that baked angel food cake is a really nice way to warm up after a chilly outing.  You can see some spoiled food in the background–this is because Bonehilda has been raking leaves constantly and my sims aren’t used to having to clean up the whole house themselves.

After finishing with the leaves on one side of the house, Bonehilda decided to take a little break.  I think she wanted to try bobbing for apples, but she glitched instead and she needed to be dismissed to take a little rest in her coffin before she could be of use again.

I should tell you something about leaf piles.  Your sims can woohoo in them or play in them, but you shouldn’t leave them in the yard for too long.  They will get smelly and attract cockroaches, chipmunks and squirrels.  If you have a pet cat, thankfully they can take care of catching all the bugs and rodents, but it would be better to just get rid of the leaf piles as soon as you’ve had fun with them or don’t want them.

For once, Billy was relaxing; he decided to kick back in the library and catch up with the current events in the local paper.  He got to spend some time with his sweet great granddaughter as well.

But he couldn’t rest for long.  He is, after all, obsessed with aliens, so he needed to go and pick up some new space rocks before it got too late.  It was already quite dark and the weather was down-right miserable, nothing would stop him from seeking those aliens!

Meanwhile, Loki returned home after performing a couple of concerts (at the stadium and the theatre), and he decided to have some fun carving a pumpkin to add to the display out front.

Once he got home himself, Billy stood in the freezing rain and searched the galaxy for his elusive friends.

Inside, things were really heating up between Loki and Élodie!  Loki confessed his undying devotion to her and asked her to become his wife.

Of course she accepted without hesitation because they’re absolutely perfect for one another.

Billy’s obsessive behaviour paid off and he got abducted once again.

He really hoped that all this effort would pay off in the long run.  It’s a hard life getting abducted all the time, and going through all sorts of weird experiments in the middle of the night.  It’s really a good thing that Billy is a night owl, that’s for sure!

He was really missing Angelina though, so he went inside and socialized with her before romancing her and taking her to bed for some woohoo.

The following day, Élodie decided to become a professional artist.  She had to go and sign some papers at city hall, but she already had several paintings saved up from when she was younger and she could sell them to get her career kick-started.  Angelina was employed as a gardener all this time, but she has the gardening bug still and hasn’t been allowed to touch the garden, so she went to city hall and registered as a self-employed alchemist instead.

Because it was so close to the full moon already, Élodie couldn’t waste any time.  She threw a bachelorette party and invited all the female friends of the family.  Loki went to perform a couple more concerts so she could have her girl’s night.

It looks like Malina really liked being sprayed with fizzy nectar!  I think she must have gotten a sip or two from that.

I have no idea what this was all about, but I guess Malina is complaining that Élodie is too smart or something?  Oh Malina, your days of being invited to family parties are seriously numbered!

Here come the boys!  They’re dressed as half naked firemen.

One of the party dancers was really attracted to the bride-to-be, but Élodie didn’t even speak to him.  She sprayed Serene with nectar instead, then chatted with Angelina.

Billy was home during the party, but he was using the telescope again.  When he got abducted again, I decided to take a picture from a different angle (I was getting a little bored of the constant abductions without any pregnancies!)

When he was returned, the hopeful waiting game began again.  Would he finally be expecting an awesome little alien baby?

The next day was Spooky Day!  Zinnia was especially excited because she waited for Spooky Day to do any trick-or-treating.  Kids and teens can actually start trick-or-treating a couple days before Spooky Day, but Zinnia wanted to wait for the perfect time.  She got dressed up as a bunny–she was so cute!

The ghost of Damien’s dead wife, Kerry, had come out during the bachelorette party, and she somehow used the ice cream maker that was hidden after summer.  No other sims could use the machine because it’s been hidden by the Seasonal Lot Marker, but once the ghost autonomously made ice cream, everyone automatically went and helped themselves to some.  As you can see, it looks like they’re just grabbing ice cream from thin air, and the machine made an ugly mess on the counter top too.  I reported this bug in the Sims 3 forums, but then I got rid of the ice cream maker.  I really hate items with such high free will attraction to them.  I don’t want sims to obsessively use an item unless I’m making them be obsessive!

Zinnia went out trick-or-treating while Angelina arranged a costume party for later in the evening.

The costume party was so cool!  I loved seeing all the different costumes the sims wore.  I got to pick Zinnia’s costume, but I didn’t pick the costumes any of the adults wore for the party.  The first guest to arrive was Reece the Genie; one of the original housemates I began my Supernatural Gameplay story with.  I loved how she looked in her cat costume!

Angelina never wants to be upstaged, so she had to pick out an even better costume for herself.  Doesn’t she look awesome in that maid’s outfit?

Élodie also looked cool dressed as a bandit.

Billy was a ninja–an un-pregnant ninja.  You can see the solarium behind him and the new sunflower that comes with the greenhouse from the store.  It creates sunshine indoors–those shiny things on the floor are the sunshine, and they give a +40 mood boost.  I’m sure they also help the plants.

Angelina decided to try out her cloud gun on an uninvited townie.  The townie really didn’t like it.  LOL!  Is Reece taking a close look at Chandra’s huge boobs?  No wonder Zinnia looks unimpressed thinking about Reece!

Several guests brought food to the costume party and Damien got this plate of yummies stuck to his hand for a while.

The uninvited townie promptly died in Damien’s old bedroom, and Angelina immediately felt bad for torturing her with the cloud gun.  I’m sure that had nothing to do with the death though.

Billy came to gawk at the spectacle, but he had better things to do, so he ran back upstairs right away to continue searching the galaxy with the telescope.

The Grim Reaper likes a good Spooky Day party too, so he stuck around for a bit.  Élodie autonomously went up to him and invited him to have a water balloon fight with her.

He was like, “That’s so inappropriate!”

Billy was so excited when the aliens came, but then disappointed when he saw they weren’t coming for him this time.  Instead, they abducted Angelina.

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming soon!

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