Seasons Gameplay part 6

The next day was the night of the full moon and the wedding party for Loki and Élodie.  When Zinnia came home from school, it was so cold outside that she changed into her outerwear.  This is when I discovered that sims who have the immune to the cold lifetime reward, they will not put on their outerwear outfit because they’re never cold.  You can manually change them into their outerwear or have an everyday outfit designed for cold weather if you want them to wear warm clothes for story purposes.

Loki called in and faked being sick so he wouldn’t need to work on his wedding night.

As soon as the guests arrived, the wedding ceremony got underway.  It was important to have Élodie available for dealing with zombies as soon as possible.

For some reason, Damien was in a really bad mood during the party.  He kept slapping people.  Here he’s slapping Deon, but later he even tried to slap Angelina!  I wouldn’t let him though.

The wedding was so beautiful, despite the frigid temperature.  Although, everyone was quite happy to get inside quickly once the couple exchanged their vows and enjoyed their romantic kiss as husband and wife.

Loki was full of pride as Élodie cut the wedding cake.

Outside, it looked as if it had snowed already, but it was just frost.  It was breathtaking to see for the first time nonetheless.

The bride and groom enjoyed a sweet slow dance during their party.  I hadn’t even tried the slow dance before because there was so much new stuff to try out!  I really love this new slow dance though.

A zombie appeared in the backyard, so Élodie needed to break up the romantic moment and go deal with the undead invasion.

She wasn’t able to cast the sunlight charm on the zombie though–she got distracted by some mysterious lights in the sky.

Poor Loki was asking all the guests if they knew where his wife was, but she finally came back before the party ended.

She rushed back inside and started getting frisky with her sweetheart.

The next day was the first day of winter.  I thought the leaf piles might disappear when the seasons changed, but they did not.  That’s when I noticed they were stinky and gross.

Billy was still trying to get himself pregnant.

He was abducted by a Pollination Technician again, and I still had high hopes that he would finally get pregnant.  However, I was starting to suspect that it isn’t possible for supernatural males to have an alien baby from an abduction.  I posted on the Sims 3 forums to ask if anyone knew if it’s even possible.

Angelina set all the leaf piles on fire, which was really fun and I think it’s the best way to get rid of the leaves.  There were tonnes of rodents and bugs from the leaf piles, but Nova took care of catching all of them.

Billy told Angelina all about his experience on the spaceship.  I guess he got to see a star map or something.

Élodie got to enjoy a nice breakfast in the construction mode dining room, which is now just as special as all the other layouts because they only get to see it four times a year.  I think the Seasonal Lot Marker is the third best thing in the game now, after the new weather and aliens.  I just can’t get over how much I love the Seasonal Lot Marker!  It’s the best 🙂

Loki was helping out with the gardening.  I like to have two sims who are able to tend the garden and replant when something has gone barren.  Neither Loki nor Élodie have the gardening bug, so they’re my gardeners right now.  I think I might need to move my family to a new neighborhood at some time because I’ve been playing it for so long.  For that reason, I am not letting Zinnia collect any gems, metals, space rocks or insects!  I want her to be able to garden if I do need to move the family.

That evening, the newlyweds learned they are expecting!

Élodie did a light work out to make sure that she and the baby will both be nice and healthy throughout the pregnancy.  Plus, she wants to maintain her nice figure!

Afterward, she settled down and read a pregnancy book to prepare for the birth of her first child.

Meanwhile, Billy went to check out those mysterious lights again, which were in the tree this time.  I got a real kick out of that!

Nice flying, alien dude!  He must be new.

It started snowing for the first time just before Billy was brought back home.  I love the look of the holiday lights, by the way!  There’s different styles and colours to choose from, and you can even set up a custom colour if you want.  I went with the traditional multi-coloured option because that reminds me of holidays from my childhood.  (To hang holiday lights, just click on the front door of the house and the option should be there at any time of the year.)

By this point, I had no remaining hopes that Billy would get pregnant, but I still wanted him to.  No one had been able to confirm that supernaturals cannot get pregnant, but one person on the Sims 3 forum did reply that he or she suspected they might not be able to, because that player’s witch was not getting pregnant either.  So I started thinking about my options.  Giving up on the idea of an alien baby certainly was not an option!

The free Christmas tree from the Sims 3 Store is the perfect touch to winter decor.  I think they should’ve added it into the Seasons EP for new players, but I think you can still get it from the Sims 3 Store.  If it’s still vaulted, I’m sure they’ll make it available around Christmas time.  I’m really glad that I’ve had it ever since it was first released.  I usually only use it when it’s Christmas time in real life, but now with the Seasonal Lot Marker, it’s much easier to have the whole house decked out for the holidays without taking all the time to put things up every winter and take them down again when the holiday is over.

I have a few of the Christmas trees outside as well.  These ones have been recoloured to look prettier in the snow.  I also have the snowman from the Sims 3 Store in the front yard.

I adore these silver bells ornaments too!  I hung them up in almost every available spot.  This is why winter holiday decorating and un-decorating used to always take me a long time.

Nova woke Billy up in the morning.  I’m sure she’s like most kitties–totally hyped up by holiday decorations.

School was cancelled because of heavy snowfall, and the mailman was passed his ankles in the snow.

All I can say is I LOVE WINTER SO MUCH!!!

I laughed when Angelina went outside to take care of the bees in her underwear.  That’s another case of the immune to the cold lifetime reward, but I’m sure some silly sims would go outdoors improperly dressed even without that reward.  The cold didn’t bother Angelina one bit though.

More winter time beauty.  Angelina at least changed into her dress to take care of the bees.

Zinnia warmed herself at the fireplace and cracked me up.

Everyone other than Élodie got into their winter everyday outfit (Élodie is in her maternity wear, so she can’t dress up for the season yet).

I think Angelina looks all right in pants.  Her sweater is open in the back to make room for her fairy wings too.

Meanwhile, the town was looking so gorgeous that I was distracted by picture taking time!

Here’s Billy looking festive, but still very un-pregnant.  Now I’m 100% convinced that it’s impossible for supernaturals to carry an alien baby, but I am seriously disappointed by that.  I wasn’t expecting a hybrid, but I did think that supernatural males should be able to host a pure-blooded alien baby just like anyone else, since it doesn’t involve their genes at all (according to the sim guru who programmed the alien stuff).

I’m glad that the family does at least have a baby on the way though.  Élodie announced her pregnancy to Angelina and Zinnia.

Angelina was thrilled to have another great grandchild on the way.

The whole family was gathered in the living room, enjoying the first day of the holidays.

Élodie kissed her husband and asked him to forsake the werewolves.  What she really meant to say was, “Honey, can you stop being a werewolf now because the Watcher desperately wants an alien baby and she decided you look funny as a werewolf anyways, so it’s best that you forsake the wolves so Billy can stay the way he was created.”

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming soon!

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5 Responses to Seasons Gameplay part 6

  1. blaze says:

    nice post hun 🙂 I enjoyed it I too have now joined the “I got abducted” club happened randomly to one of my sims and she didnt even collect rocks nor stargaze they just pulled over and took her as for supernaturals and baby aliens I am sure I read somewhere that you cant have kids if one is a supernatural beeing but in the same post I did read something about depending on how much a kid has Alien DNA he/she can still have fairy wings for example but have the green alien skin + eyes one of my sims (genie) is currently pregnant with twins from one of my aliens I’m testing to see if her kids will actually be aliens or not will let you know either way.

    • enkeli63 says:

      Yeah, they can definitely conceive an alien baby via woohoo with an alien, but I mean from abductions. Supernatural male sims cannot get pregnant from an alien abduction, which I am very disappointed about. I reloaded and replayed Billy’s last abduction enough times to be 100% sure that he cannot get an alien baby that way. I want a pure-blooded alien baby and I never let my sims cheat anyways, so there wont be any way to have an alien baby until Zinnia grows up–at the earliest–and then the baby could be a fairy with alien looks, but I don’t think they can have both the powers of fairies and aliens. But someday I’ll find out!

      • blaze says:

        no they cant have both powers they will have the aliens if any but the look of a faerie Haruka tho (the one that was abucted for me just now she is a witch but unfortunatly she didnt come back pregnant ah well since I have two aliens now (one male and one female) I can just mass produce some aliens lol

      • enkeli63 says:

        Only human male sims can get pregnant from abductions. Females have to have woohoo with an alien if they want an alien baby.

  2. blaze says:

    heh then none of my males qualify as one is a ghost the other a wolf

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