Seasons Gameplay part 7

Mistletoe is another wonderful new addition that came with Seasons.  Angelina was the first sim in my game to ask for a kiss under the mistletoe.  Billy looked so stunned for a second.  (Mistletoe is found in the misc. decor category of buy mode and can also be purchased with festival tickets at the concession stand during winter.)

Of course, the winter festival was in town now, so it was the perfect opportunity to try out snowboarding!  Sims can snowboard all year ’round, but I don’t have space for the half-pipe in the yard.  I think I’ll see if I can add one to the Limited Edition Ice Lounge though.

Billy tried snowboarding first, and although it was his first time, he looked like a pro!  He did several awesome tricks with his board.  I guess athletic skill has something to do with their snowboarding talent.

If lots of sims want to use the half-pipe at the same time, they line up and take turns using it.  If only one sim is using it, they can keep boarding until you command them to stop or another sim decides to take part.  I mainly took this picture because Reece was running around in her bathing suit, and I know she doesn’t have the immune to cold reward.  I wonder if genies are naturally immune to cold?

Angelina looked awesome snowboarding too!  I love the big lights and it reminds me of night skiing when I was a kid.  I felt rather homesick over that, mind you.

My sims took a family greeting card picture, then split up to do their own things.  Loki ran off to collect some space rocks, while Angelina jogged home to fulfill a jogging opportunity she’d received.  Élodie went home to get something to eat, and Zinnia went to bed.  Billy stayed at the festival and had a snowball fight with Reece, Deon, and a random townie.

I think it’s impressive the way cars leave tire tracks in the snow.  Here you can even see the tread marks.  Over time, the tire tracks become more clear and the road shows through a bit more.  It’s so realistic.  At least EA can do some things right (but they ought to fire their entire store team after the greenhouse failure…)

When Billy finally made it home, he started building an igloo.

Angelina started working on a snowman and an alien dropped by to abduct Loki already!

Billy thinks he lost the cat in the snow…

Angelina finished making her classic snowman.

Loki was returned after a short visit with the aliens, and my hopes for an alien baby were very high.  His wife was making a snowman of her own, and Billy had to make one too!  There are different types of snowmen sims can make, so they needed to start learning.

When Zinnia woke up in the morning, she was thrilled to find out she got another Snow Day!  She ran outside and made a snow angel.

Zinnia made her snow angel on the back deck while I marveled at the beautiful snow piling up on everything.

Back inside, I noticed Loki dreaming about babies, but that’s probably just because his wife is pregnant.

Zinnia came inside and started working on a portrait of the family cat.  I never noticed before that sims could paint a portrait of the cat, but I’m sure that came with the Pets EP and I just never noticed it before.

After a full night of sleep, Loki went outside to make his own snowman.

Loki made the hockey snowman, and he went to exercise because he was feeling a bit fat!  He doesn’t look fat, but you can’t convince people or sims that they look fine if they’re feeling fat.

Time to try out that lovely igloo, I think!

Sims can woohoo in the igloo, or just hang out in there.  Kids can play in it also.

Winter sunsets look especially pretty.

Élodie went to list her paintings for sale at the consignment store, but just as she got there, she went into labour.  She rushed over to the hospital right away, and Loki met her there as soon as he heard the good news.

They had a beautiful little boy and named him Theodore.

Thankfully, Theodore inherited magic from his mother–he’s a baby witch!  Loki is starting to look fat now too.  Poor guy.

They set up a crib for Theodore in Loki’s old bedroom.

Meanwhile, Billy got back to work on his latest novel since he doesn’t need to obsess over aliens anymore.

Loki decided to read the last pregnancy book, just in case it makes any difference.

He finally got to cuddle and play with his son after Bonehilda and the great grandmother got out of the way!

Angelina went outside to make another snowman, and she unlocked the Grim Reaper snowman.

I noticed that the indoor plants develop frosted weeds during the wintertime–isn’t that strange?

OMG, another Snow Day!  Zinnia couldn’t believe her good fortune.  She had to take that opportunity to go snowboarding and meet with her mother at the festival.  She also had a snowball fight with Gayle, a random townie, and her grandfather, Dorian.

Dorian looks fat too, but I’m sure he just attended one too many feast parties because I’m pretty certain fairies also cannot get pregnant from alien abduction.  I wonder if aliens do abduct inactive sims ever?

At home, Billy was pumping iron because he had an opportunity that required him to reach maximum strength.  He didn’t have far to go.

Loki waddled over to the festival too, to get some practice making snowmen and exercise a bit more.

While he was skating, some townie woman wanted to do a spin with him and started gushing about how attractive he is.

Whoops!  That is not good for the baby!!!!  Loki had to go straight home after this–mainly to get away from the lovestruck townie.  Plus, all the fat was really getting on my nerves.  Loki jogged home.

Élodie finished another painting–one of the Social Bunny from Sims 2.  I think it’ll go great with spring decor when the season rolls around.

But for now, the painting was stashed away and all the sims went to bed to get a good sleep before Snowflake Day.

Stay tuned for another update about my sims tomorrow!

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