Seasons Gameplay part 8

Yay!  It’s Snowflake Day!!  Billy was the first one to get out of bed on Snowflake Day morning, and he started dancing by the Christmas tree.  The family had a very busy day planned: first they would have a gift giving party in the morning (starting at 9 am), then later in the day, they’d have a feast party.

Angelina was up soon too, and she went straight to the kitchen to prepare some honey sweetened cookies for everyone.

She invited family members and old housemates to come over for gifts, then she gave Billy a special present in private.  He also had something picked out for her.

Loki came downstairs and chatted with Zinnia until something strange happened: his fattened belly began to glow.

The guests began showing up and an uninvited fat townie showed up.  By now you’re aware that I’m really not fond of fat sims!  It has been difficult for me to deal with Loki’s unexpected weight gain, but I know it’ll be worth it in the end.  Other sims who are fat without good reason are a whole different story.  Angelina immediately tossed a Lean and Mean potion on that sim before allowing her to stay and enjoy the festivities.

It’s wonderful to see the whole family together with so many beloved sims; the gift giving parties are so fantastic!  Billy got things started by opening his gift first, which is quite fitting for the head of the family to do.

Malina looked mighty displeased with her gift.  I bet she got a lump of coal for being so mean and unpleasant all the time!  LOL  She wouldn’t even be invited to the party except that she is family.

Zinnia opened her gift next and was thrilled to receive a new easel.

Then the party was interrupted by the arrival of the most special guest of all.

Just before the male gives birth, there’s a popup message telling you that he’s about to have an alien baby, and you can choose to raise it yourself or send it back to the alien home world.  If you really don’t want an alien baby, I guess that’s nice to have the choice, but I can’t imagine not wanting such a special little baby!

The birth is very magical, not messy or traumatic.  The baby is a boy and he was named Snow.  I thought since it is quite common for human babies born on Christmas Day to be named Christopher, Christina, or something similar to that, a good unisex name for sims born on Snowflake Day would be something like Snow.  So he is named Snow.

The party continued on and Loki’s mother, Karina, was opening her gift when he welcomed his amazing bundle of joy into the world.  Loki’s father, Trey, is standing between Angelina and Zinnia and doesn’t even seem to notice that a new grandchild has arrived.

After a few minutes, Loki took Snow upstairs to put him to bed in the new crib, and the gift party ended.  The guests were leaving and Billy and Angelina started slow dancing together; they looked so sweet!

Loki immediately went to the home gym and started working off that fat as fast as he could!

The feast party was arranged and then the full moon rose in the sky.  At the time, Billy was enjoying some time with his new great grandson, and then he had to transform into a werewolf.  Poor Snow became terrified and wet his diaper!

The family members and former housemates who had been at the gift giving party earlier were all invited back for the feast party.  All uninvited townies that dared to show up were told to leave as soon as they arrived because this was a private family celebration.  Who wants to eat their holiday dinner with a bunch of strangers hanging around and stuffing their faces?

Outside the zombies started coming, and I couldn’t click on the pea shooter for some reason, but it did take out the zombie nonetheless.  (I’d feared that it had gone dormant in the cold, but thankfully I was wrong.)  I was amused by the splat sound the zombie made when it fell into the deep snow!

One uninvited guest managed to slip by the door watchers–he must’ve snuck in through the back door and went straight upstairs.  He died in Loki and Élodie’s bedroom.  That townie was somehow a good friend of Angelina’s, and she was terribly upset by his passing.  That’s when I decided to go ahead and get the Stone Hearted lifetime reward for as many of my sims as I could: I want them to mourn any family members that pass on, but not random townies!

During a feast party, all the guests bring one of their favourite dishes and places it on the counter or table.  Then you can click on one of the dishes and call everyone to eat, and that gets the feast going.  However, most of my sims weren’t hungry and my sims obviously never eat unless they really need to, so I just let everyone pick something to eat if they needed it.  Bonehilda was dismissed for the duration of this party so she wouldn’t put all the food away like a maniac.

Zinnia gave special gifts to her mother and father during the party: she mainly gave away expensive things the family has received and has no need for.  Chandra and Deon would probably benefit more from those items.

A zombie started attacking Gayle before Élodie could get there.  She did zap him with a Sunlight Charm as quick as she could and sent him on his merry way.

Poor distraught Angelina went and made another Grim Reaper snowman and sobbed in the cold.

Meanwhile, Loki had a wish to play a game with his wife and they played chess together.  Élodie won and Loki got upset–he’s a sore loser.  She decided to seduce him and make him forget all about the silly game.

And with that, Snowflake Day came to an end, and all the sims went to bed to sleep off their eventful day.

The next morning, Zinnia ran off to the winter festival and redeemed her festival tickets to buy a new snowbear toy for herself, and one for each of the little boys (I guess those are her second cousins?)

Billy arrived a little later in the day and used his tickets to buy the winter gnome, which costs 500 tickets!  He’s cute though.

Afterward, Billy autonomously started building an igloo while Zinnia was making a snowman.

Billy also made a snowman with his granddaughter, Chandra.  Zinnia unlocked the Grim Reaper snowman too, and immediately started making another snowman nearby.  Sims love making snowmen!

Next, Billy had a snowball fight with his daughter, Karina, and two granddaughters, Chandra and Selene.

Karina was just in her bikini, but werewolves are naturally immune to the cold.  I’m not sure if that is only true when they’re in their wolf form, or if it’s all the time, but Karina has been stuck in her wolf form ever since she moved out.  In Supernatural, inactive werewolves never transform back to human when the full moon ends.  That’s why child werewolf townies stay children forever, because they do not age while in their werewolf forms.

Angelina came to the festival and did some snowboarding, giving me another nice screenshot moment.

Billy took a greeting card photo with his daughter and granddaughters, then headed back home.  There was a neat sound effect and Snow’s mother showed up for a visit.  It’s probably just a coincidence that Snow’s mom was the alien who popped by for a visit, but I thought that was quite nice.  Her name is Amki Pollination Technician.

Billy greeted her and Amki confessed that she’s very attracted to him–maybe that’s why he was taken so many times!  Billy thanked her for the compliment, but explained that he is eternally faithful to Angelina and just wants to be good friends with Amki.

They went inside and had a nice chat together.

I imagine Billy’s asking her what they really do to people they abduct.  “Is it like the movies where you stick things in people’s eyes and yank out their tongue?”  LOL  Sorry, I have an overactive imagination 😉

Meanwhile, Angelina bumped into Damien and talked to him about how upset she was over her friend’s death.  Then she discussed resurrecting Damien’s first wife, Kerry.  Angelina was sick of friends dying.

She did take Kerry’s tombstone to the science facility and had her brought back as a playable ghost.  Kerry came home and immediately used the computer to move out into a place of her own in town.

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming soon!

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  1. becomingjenn says:

    Okay, you are really making me want to get to winter now….but I LIKE summer ;P

    • enkeli63 says:

      Winter is definitely worth playing through the other seasons to get to! I actually really enjoy all the seasons… well, spring is a bit annoying because you have to clean up the leaves that fell before the snow came. I hope EA fixes it so the leaves disappear once it starts to snow, because community lots look really messy, and raking the leaves takes forever!!

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