Seasons Gameplay part 9

There’s little baby Snow, laying in his crib with his brand new snowbear.  It was quite thoughtful of Zinnia to buy toys for her younger family members with her festival tickets!

Soon Loki came to play with Snow.  Everyone in the family already adores him, but Loki has the best relationship with him so far.  They’re already best friends.

I noticed that baby aliens have normal looking eyes, but don’t worry, it’s just a little failure on EA’s part, and the babies will have black alien eyes when they grow up (unless they’re not pure-blooded, then they might inherit the eye colour and style of their non-alien parent).

Zinnia and Theodore were both having their birthday on the last day of winter, so I threw another big party for the family to celebrate.  When the guests arrived, I decided to try something on the werewolves.  I remembered that the voodoo dolls from the Sims 3 Store have been upgraded with Supernatural and they have the ability to force werewolves to transform.   Élodie bound her voodoo doll to Karina.

Once the doll was bound, I was able to force Karina to transform back to human so she could be an adult finally.  (Werewolves never transform back to human if you’re not playing them, and they don’t age in werewolf form.  EA has not bothered to fix this.)  Most likely the voodoo doll cannot be used on children, but I haven’t had an opportunity to test it yet.  Later in the party, I had her do the same procedure to Karina’s husband, Trey.

Everyone gathered around in the kitchen to watch Theodore blow out his candles and age up to toddler.

No one could deny that he is one adorable little guy!  It seems that he knows it too.

Next it was Zinnia’s turn to make a wish and grow up.

Of course, she needed to pick out clothes and put on a little makeup after she aged up.  When she was done with her make-over, this is how she turned out.

She’s the first sim I’ve had that could wear this hairstyle without making her head look ridiculously tall.

I have no idea why she was talking to her father about baby girls.  I checked everyone’s family tree, and no one outside the house has produced any children.  I suppose they were talking about when she was a baby?

As the party wound down, Billy phoned his new alien friend, Amki, and Élodie began potty training Theodore.  No, nobody died during this house party!  LOL

The next morning, Zinnia got to work on her cooking skills.  She already had a lifetime wish, which was to learn 28 recipes.  I mostly wanted her to learn the pumpkin pie recipe because none of my other sims have been able to acquire it.  I didn’t set out to be negative about EA today, but I kept running into things that they didn’t think through or test properly.

Anyways, Élodie wanted to go for a morning jog and there was still plenty of snow on the ground, even though it was the first day of spring.  It’s good that the snow doesn’t disappear instantly–so there’s something EA did right.

When she got back home, she started teaching Theodore how to talk.

Later in the day, the snow was melting fast!

Billy invited Amki over for a visit.

It was pouring rain when she got there, but Amki didn’t enjoy chatting about the weather with him.  She was also offended by a gift he tried to give her, and she told him he should spend more money on his gifts!  He just thought she might like a decorative plant from his planet.

Zinnia and Angelina got started on driving lessons while Billy worked harder to impress his new friend enough to convince her to move in with them.

Finally Billy was able to get Amki to join the household.  I knew she was old because of her body shape and the fact that she walked with a cane, but I did not expect that she was at the end of her lifespan and ready to die at any time!  She was already 211 days old, with an average life expectancy set to 202 days in my game.

Luckily Billy had a Fountain of Youth elixir on hand and offered it to her, and she didn’t turn down that gift.

After drinking the potion, Amki turned into a young adult and she had lovely black hair.  I imagine their hair falls out as they age–probably due to their intense psionic powers.  I gave Amki a little makeover so she could enjoy regular clothing and wear a little bit of makeup designed specially to enhance the alien skintone.

Then I filled her full of cookies.

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming tomorrow!

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