Seasons Gameplay part 10

Amki had her small UFO in her inventory when she moved into the household, and she spent much of her first night upgrading it.  You can upgrade it for space travel or add laser cannons and use the craft for invading community lots.  I think both of these activities are fun in their own way.  When your sim uses the craft to travel to Planet Sixam, they have some adventures along the way (you read about it in popup messages while they’re gone) and they can bring interesting things back with them.

When the first upgrade was completed, Amki needed to recharge her brain power some.  I sent her to meditate.  She laid down on one of the deck loungers and began her meditation, which looked very cool.

Zinnia woke up early in the morning and rushed over to the spring festival to participate in the egg hunt.

When she got to the festival grounds, there were still a few eggs left to be found.  Zinnia managed to collect three.  Most of them just had festival tickets in them, but one had a beautiful fancy egg decoration!

That’s gorgeous!  I like it even more than the gems with the sculptor’s egg cut, but they’ll definitely look nice together.

Once all the eggs were gone, Zinnia fixed up a sim who was having troubles with her diet.

Strangely enough, after using the Fountain of Youth elixir on Amki, I was notified that she would be graduating and was expected to attend the ceremony at city hall.  I suppose the high school is giving her an honorary diploma because she didn’t go to school in Moonlight Falls of course.

When it came time for the graduation ceremony, Amki went upstairs and picked up Snow to bring him to the ceremony, while Loki collected Theodore and everyone headed over to city hall.  (Yes, Amki is a party animal too, so she wears the silly hat.)

Amki was voted the Most Likely to Become a Sports Star.  After the graduation ceremony, the whole family went to the spring festival and took a family portrait in the photo booth.  It was nice to get a photo with the toddler and baby in it!  Theodore and Snow both needed to go home to bed afterward, but Billy and Angelina stayed at the festival for a little while.

They tried out the Love Tester and it agreed that their love is “the real thing.”

Soon it was time for Snow’s birthday party, so Billy and Angelina went home in time for the party.  I couldn’t invite all the family and former housemates because there’s too many now, but I made sure to get all of them that Loki has a good relationship with.  Then everyone gathered around to watch the special baby blow out his candle.

Snow is so cute as a toddler!

Snow’s eyes look proper now that he’s a toddler, but unfortunately, he has no voice.  EA is either too lazy or incompetent to give the born-in-game aliens a voice!  Thankfully my good friend from the Sims 3 community, Terrylin, informed that Snow will get his voice when he becomes a teen.  (Good morning Terrylin!  I hope your coffee’s warm 😉 )

During the party, I decided to see how it looks when aliens probe someone.  Amki corned an uninvited townie in the main bathroom and probed him with a very strange device.

Meanwhile, Billy and Angelina were overcome by romantic feelings and slipped away from the party for some private time.

Zinnia was abducted from the party.

Amki was left to entertain the remainder of the party guests, and I wanted to try out some of her psionic powers.  She found Damien on the back deck and scanned his mind, learning some of his traits.

She used mind control on him as well, but it didn’t have much effect.  I think it’s like the genies ensorcell ability, but you would need to have space in the household to temporarily control the individual.  My household has eight members already, so that’s probably why mind control had little effect on Damien.

When he decided to leave the party, he did his crazy little horse impression, and I was finally able to catch a picture of it!  He’s so insane.

Zinnia was returned just as Amki was heading out to take her spacecraft to visit the homeworld, so she may have had an escort.

When she got back, she took the other UFO (that I bought) out for a spin to invade the festival grounds.

Community lot invasions are really fun!  Special music plays in the background while the UFO scans the area and begins firing lasers at sims.

Amki scored a direct hit on this fellow.  All the townies on the community lot eventually flee, and the invasion was conducted just after 5 am.  With everyone else gone, that left all the eggs for my sims!

Amki started picking them up quickly while Zinnia and Élodie were on their way to help out.

After snatching up all the eggs, Amki got her face painted with some pretty hearts.

She really wanted to find love and wished to be married.  She went home and set up a dating profile in hopes of finding someone special.

I noticed that the spring gnome Billy purchased at the festival seems to have attracted two of his friends!  I think I have more than enough magic gnomes in the yard, but these ones are cute.

In the afternoon, everyone went back to the festival.  Billy and Angelina were still all over each other–spring does overwhelm sims with romantic urges.

They managed to stop romancing each other long enough to enjoy a game of horseshoes together.  Billy won and Angelina congratulated him with more romantic gestures!

Amki decided to consume a space rock to replenish her brain power, and the animation showed a large space rock even though she only had a small one in her inventory.

I really don’t like the idea of the kissing booth because I don’t think it’s proper for sims to pay for or be paid for kisses.  Anyhow, while I was taking care of other sims, Amki decided she would ask the vampire guy for a kiss.  It seems the kissing booth doesn’t even work, or at least not with a vampire attending it.  She was unable to approach the booth because something was apparently blocking her path.  I’m glad it didn’t work though!  Amki doesn’t need to be that desperate, I will find her someone as quickly as I can.

Élodie was feeling that springtime swoon too, and she looked lovely in the setting sunlight.  Pay no attention to the autumn leaves all over the ground; it seems to be another bug in the game.  The leaves really should go away by spring, especially on community lots and the open places of the world, but EA failed to take care of that.  I guess they expect our sims to have time to rake up the whole world?!  No thanks–I demand a fix for this!

Back at home after sunset, Billy and Angelina enjoyed some intimate time together again.

“Hey, what are those mysterious lights… no, not the little ones around my head, those ones in the sky!”

Poor Angelina got abducted in her skivvies!

“Can’t you let a woman get dressed first?” Angelina complained.  “A proper lady does not entertain strangers in her underwear!”

I wanted to show you the other pretty eggs my sims managed to get, thanks to Amki getting rid of all the townies who wanted to take the eggs.

That freezer bunny one is truly divine!  I adore the freezer bunny, and that is really nice for spring decor too.

Hey look, Bonehilda found another obsession!

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming soon!

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