Seasons Gameplay part 11

The next day, after invading the festival grounds at 5 am again and snatching up all the eggs, Amki had fun splashing in a puddle.  I usually enjoy and appreciate the weather, but it rained all spring.  I wanted to see a little spring sunshine, so I decided to try out the climate control machine (a Lifetime Reward object).

Billy programmed sunny weather and a beam of light shot up into the atmosphere (hopefully not causing earthquakes anywhere 😛 )

As the last of the rain fell, Amki tried to get flirty with a manwitch named Lane, who had a profile on the dating site.  He obviously wasn’t the slightest bit interested in her, and wouldn’t even chat with her.

After that disappointing encounter, Amki headed to some other community lots to try and find a man she was attracted to.  She found one at the werewolf bar, but Deon is married and she’s not going to ruin any marriages I set up!

She had no luck finding love anywhere, so she went home and spent time teaching Snow how to walk.

At the same time, Loki was upstairs teaching Theodore how to walk as well.

Zinnia had finally learned the pumpkin pie recipe by reaching level 5 of cooking skill, and she baked a pie for everyone.  She looked so unhappy about her accomplishment though.

Billy and Angelina were outside, hard at work cleaning up the remainder of the leaves that were scattered around the yard from last year’s autumn.  I think EA should give us a leaf blower object to make it easier for our sims to clean their own yard and even begin to tidy up the community lots.

Élodie was talking to the plants with the megaphone that comes with the new gardening station.  This is part of the “greenhouse” set that includes a worthless “greenhouse” that doesn’t keep the weather out.  I decided to put my anger and disappointment aside and try out the gardening station in the solarium.  It has the megaphone to talk to all the plants at once, a composter that fertilizes all the plants, and a magnifying glass for identifying all the seeds a sim has in their inventory.  Of course, I cannot forget to mention that it can water all the plants automatically, without the overhead sprinklers leaving any puddles on the floor!  That is not worth the hefty price of the “greenhouse” set, mind you, but it is a small consolation if you’ve already been suckered into buying the non-working “greenhouse.”

That night was both prom night for Zinnia and the full moon.  Zinnia went to her prom without a date because she hasn’t met any boys at all in school yet.  She did win the Prom Queen title nonetheless.

Amki also felt like going dancing, so she went over to the nearby Red Velvet Lounge.  She started dancing and noticed another married man she was attracted to.  I spotted Gayle, infected by the zombie condition, trying to sneak up behind her!

Amki enjoyed a friendly dance with Trey, Loki’s father, while Élodie ran over to cure the zombies congregating at the dance club.  If Amki couldn’t find love, at least she would learn how to dance.

I enjoyed watching adorable little Snow playing with his Loch Ness monster toy.

Thankfully he was not terrorized by any werewolves or zombies that night.

The next day was Love Day, the spring holiday in the Sims.  After the regular spring morning invasion and raiding the eggs, the family enjoyed the holiday at the festival.  Zinnia decided to try out a marshmallow bunny treat from the concession stand.

When Amki and Dorian saw each other, they were instantly attracted.  I know Dorian is already divorced because of an unfortunate love charm incident.  Finally Amki found a suitable love interest!

Some family members took part in the Spring Dance.

Loki and Élodie were romancing one another–as in love as ever.

Of course, it started to rain again as they headed over to try the Love Tester.

They also got the highest rating from the Love Tester machine and it said they’re the inspiration for every love song ever written.

Amki also joined the dance.  The spring rain did not cool off Zinnia, who was starting to get very hot.  I didn’t want her to burst into flames or anything, so I kept a very close eye on her.

Soon she had to go home to cool off, and the toddlers needed attention, so Loki and Amki went home as well.  They all hung out in Zinnia’s bedroom and the toddlers finished learning how to walk.  Billy and Angelina remained at the spring festival and danced until it was well after dark, but no one was crowned the King or Queen of the dance.  I’m a little confused about how that all works, since they were the only ones dancing there.

Anyhow, after teaching Snow how to walk, Amki went and removed her dating profile because she already found someone to pursue.

Next, she transmuted some iron she had in her inventory.  I had hoped it would change the iron into a space rock, giving her greater access to the brain power recharging space rocks, but it just raised the value of the iron.

When they finally got back from dancing all day at the festival, Billy went and raked the yard some more and Angelina went to bed.  I wonder, why doesn’t Bonehilda rake in the spring?  She does collect the piles of leaves to dispose of them, but she doesn’t rake at all in the spring time and I find that rather odd, considering her obsessive raking in the fall.

After a couple of hours, Billy got tired or raking and went to wake up his wife with some romantic kisses.

“Really?  In the leaf pile?”

Billy assured Angelina that it was a fabulous idea and they hopped into the leaves to woohoo.

Thankfully Bonehilda didn’t try to pick up that leaf pile while they were using it!

As they say, don’t knock it till you try it, but I don’t think my sims are going to woohoo in the leaf pile again.  It’s silly the way they poke their heads out when they’re done, but I think it’s just too improper for my sims to do.

“Get away from my pretty eggs!”

Once again, my sims rushed in as a team to collect all the eggs from the spring festival early the next morning.  As Loki snatched up the last one, he taunted Angelina for being too slow.

Amki used her Bio Drain ability on that sleazy vampire–it serves him right!  I don’t like vampires at all.

Amki was unable to socialize with Dorian while he was tending the concession stand, so she went home and wrote a love letter to him.  So cute!

Then she came up with a great plan to be able to spend time with her love interest.

She took her UFO back to the festival grounds and abducted him in broad daylight!

They had a few stolen minutes together, but Dorian is such a hard worker that he went straight back to do his job.

*Sigh*  The rest of the day, everyone had to rake leaves.  This is ridiculous!

One last time, Amki kept everyone away from the eggs.

I got a real kick out of watching the terrified townies–many of which have been blasted by Amki’s lasers at least once already!  They probably will never shower either.  I’m sure I’ll see plenty of scorched townies around the neighborhood all year.

It was worth it for me though, because I was able to complete my collection of fancy eggs.  I have one of each that I know of: the purple, red and freezer bunny styles.  I set them up for decorating the home during various seasons.  I also got several more spring gnomes.

Later, Angelina took Zinnia for her final driving lesson and she earned her license.

Billy finished the raking while Nova caught the last stinking chipmunk.  I’m not really looking forward to next fall…

Nova earned herself another young again potion and Angelina helped her apply it.  I never want to see this special kitty pass on.  She’ll live forever if I have anything to say about it!

After 9 pm, Amki invited Dorian over and she flirted with him outside.

She confessed her attraction to him and finally got her first kiss.

Stay tuned for another update about my sims, coming soon!

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