The Alien Diaries part 1

From the personal log of Ushuqop Vajjer
Stardate 54074.2

My name is Ushuqop Vajjer, though my friends call me Ushu.  I’ve been writing the history of my homeworld for posterity, but I thought it would make sense to write my personal experiences as well.  I am originally from the planet Sixam, where I was the king of my world.  I was exiled (along with my wife and several other world leaders) three years ago, when our world was invaded.  The invaders call themselves “The Elders” and they are truly ancient beings with psionic powers beyond comprehension.  They can kill with a simple thought, create powerful storms and energy vortexes that destroy entire cities, and they are nearly impossible to kill.  If you want to know more about the war, you really should read my books.

Those of us who were exiled were the lucky ones–not that I ever felt lucky to leave my people behind in such terrible danger.  After several years of searching the galaxy for a new home, I came to understand that we were lucky because we had an opportunity to gather strength and someday, we might be able to liberate Sixam.

Anyhow, I was recently reunited with my beloved wife, Amki.  She located this planet and studied it for several months.  We found safety in a town called Moonlight Falls, where several strange lifeforms coexist in relative harmony with one another.  The residents of the town have been surprisingly pleasant toward us, and have allowed us to live among them.

For now, we are unable to purchase property, but we are renting an old three bedroom house near the center of town.  When Amki and I were reunited just last month, we renewed our marriage bond according to the customs of this new world.

I took a job in Law Enforcement, and convinced Amki to stay home for now–though she desperately wants to enter professional sports.  We want to start a family right away, and Amki agreed that one of us should remain home to raise the children.

Things have been very nice since we settled down in Moonlight Falls.  I’ve made new friends at work and found a sport that I love: basketball.  Also, the seasonal festivals here are a lot of fun and I discovered a delightful summer treat called snowcones!

We just found out that Amki is finally pregnant!

I’m really looking forward to becoming a father!

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