The Alien Diaries part 2

From the diary of Amki Vajjer
Stardate 54123.5

This summer has been the best time of my life!  Ushu and I were reunited–I thought I would never see him again–and now we’re expecting a baby.  I’ve been taking it easy a lot these days, and I even got a suntan a couple of times.

Speaking of my pregnancy, I think we might be having twins!  Ushu gave me a romantic massage, and I’ve heard rumors that can cause multiple births.

I’m worried that I’ll lose my figure… but I suppose there’s no place for vanity in motherhood.  At least Ushu still finds me beautiful.  You should’ve seen the look on his face when he saw me with my suntan!  (It faded almost right away though–the suntan, I mean.)

I know I’m a very lucky woman to have such a good husband as Ushu.  He is a wonderful provider, and he is loyal and loving.  I think he will be a fantastic father.

*  *  *

From the personal log of Ushuqop Vajjer
Stardate 54137.4

Amki’s pregnancy has gone well.  The other day, she went to the hospital for her prenatal checkup and the doctor confirmed that we’re having twins!  We’ve both been reading about pregnancy and parenthood to get prepared for the big arrival.

Last night, I was playing basketball when I heard my wife cry out in agony.

I rushed inside and saw that she’d gone into labor.  That’s when I realized I should’ve bought a car!  Thankfully we live just down the street from the hospital and Amki didn’t mind walking there.

This morning we welcomed two beautiful baby girls into the world!

Their names are Railiah and Islani.

It’s going to take a lot of work raising two babies at once, but we purchased one of those skeleton servants that are all the rage here in Moonlight Falls.  I’m sure that will ease some of the burden on my wife and allow her to enjoy more time in the garden.

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