Farmer’s Market CC Free

The Sims 3 Store just released a new venue yesterday, the Al Fresco Street Market.  It’s designed to go with the new town, Monte Vista, but I don’t have that town.  I wanted a smaller market and a regular consignment store, so I built a 25 X 20 lot with the market stalls and a consignment register.  It also has bathrooms, the new juice stand, and decorative knick knacks.

I’m happy with the way the terrain paint turned out.  I used four layers of paint and I think I got a realistic look for the market.  I hope you like it too!

Sims can sell their fruits and vegetables from their garden at the market stand.  I had my sim tend the stand for a few hours and she stole an apple when no one was looking!

Only child sims can tend the juice stand, and they can also give inexpensive psychiatric advice.

Unfortunately the psychiatric advice feature doesn’t include any pop-ups with funny messages, which I was hoping for.  It is just a cute animation and it boosts the relationship between the child advisor and the customer.

As always, this lot has no custom content but it does include items from the Sims 3 Store and various EPs and SPs.  If you’d like to add this little market/consignment store to your game, you can download it from my studio at  Please leave a recommendation for me while you’re there 😉

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6 Responses to Farmer’s Market CC Free

  1. OMFGwaffle says:

    Im sorry but do you mind uploading this to a blog?

    • enkeli63 says:

      Are you unable to download it from the Sims 3 Exchange? If so, feel free to post your email address in your next comment (I wont approve it) and I will send you the file directly.

  2. says:

    where can i download the fruit and veggie and lemonade stands

  3. Watch says:

    Hi there! I am also hoping to download this, i’m having problems getting to the sims3 website. is there any chance i could also get the file? my email is

    • enkeli63 says:

      I didn’t realize the Exchange is being so problematic! I guess I ought to download all my creations for Sims 3 and share them through Box, with my other content. It’ll take some time, but with Sims 4 coming, it’s probably a good idea to provide an alternate way to download these things when they stop supporting the Exchange. Please allow a couple weeks for this process, thanks!!

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