The Alien Diaries part 3

From the personal log of Ushuqop Vajjer
Stardate 54143.7

I am head over heels in love with my daughters!  I adore everything about them and honestly, I just can’t get enough of them.  I know they’ll grow up fast, so I’m trying to get as much time with them as I can.

Much to my surprise, Amki’s best friend showed up the night after the girls were born.  She offered to help out around the house and Amki was thrilled to have her stay with us.  Her name is Enli Uzopoc, and she’s quite the character!

I hate to admit this, but I find her very attractive.  I think it’s her tiny mouth, and those big, luscious lips of hers.  I have to try not to stare when she’s around.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Amki with all my heart and I will never stray, she is the only woman for me.

Anyhow, Enli is really good with the babies.  She usually gets to them before the skeleton maid is needed, and she loves to read and sing to the girls.

The best part about having Enli around is that I get much more time to spend with Amki.  Things have been so busy down at the police station lately, and I’ve been called to work extra hours almost every day this week.

*  *  *

From the diary of Enli Uzopoc
Stardate 54255.1

It’s so great living in Moonlight Falls, especially after years of traveling through space in a very compact space cruiser.  I thought I would lose my mind if I spent one more day in the cockpit!  I knew I could rely on Amki to help me out though–she’s the best.  I’ve always been able to turn to her when I needed help with anything.  She and her husband were so gracious when I asked to stay with them until I can get my own place.  I’ve been helping out with the babies and household chores to earn my keep.

I’m trying to make some new friends here, although it seems the only people who will talk to me are men that want to “get to know me better.”  I’ve received at least a dozen calls from different guys asking me out on dates, but most of them are old or married.  I did finally accept a date from a young man who called, but he turned out to be a disappointment.  Apparently he’s still in love with his high school sweetheart and just wanted to make her jealous–though she didn’t even notice us when we went to the fall festival together.

After I ditched that guy, I had a lot of fun at the festival.  My biggest mistake, though, was going into that haunted house attraction.  I got so scared that I lost my lunch and nearly ruined my new outfit.

Thank goodness I was able to buy a delicious drink to get the foul taste out of my mouth.

Once I was feeling better, I got to meet Billy Glim.  He’s the one who first took Amki in when she arrived earlier this year.  Too bad he’s married–I thought Billy was charming and sexy.  He challenged me to an apple bobbing contest and I won.

I guess it’s a good thing he’s married though; Amki told me he’s a werewolf.  I don’t like guys with body hair.  I’m sure I’ll be able to find a hot, single guy who isn’t covered in fur every full moon.

*  *  *

From the diary of Amki Vajjer
Stardate 54299.6

Railiah and Islani are growing so fast!  I’ve just started getting back into shape after giving birth to them, and it’s already their birthday!

Billy and Angelina came to the birthday party.  It was so nice to see them.  I should’ve spent more time with them after moving out on my own, but I just lost track of time.  I know they’re always busy too, but I do miss them very much.

The girls are so cute now that they’ve gotten older.  They both have my hair!  Their voices are like music, and when they laugh, it fills the room with joy.

Railiah loves black, but I dressed her in pink because I don’t think black suits such a cute little girl.  Islani likes aqua, which makes it easy to tell them apart.  I think they might be identical twins, which is truly rare.

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