Seasons Gameplay part 12

Amki and Darian watched the stars together and she pointed out the constellation where her home planet is located.  She was happy to have finally found love.

After a while, Darian went inside and started playing his guitar in his bathing suit.

Amki thought he was pretty hot, but he needed just a little help with his waistline.

They slow danced together for quite some time.  It seemed they were really getting close.

Billy tried not to interrupt them as he played with Nova, but he felt a little sad.  It wasn’t just because his daughter’s only love was falling in love with someone else, but also because it meant his best alien friend would soon be leaving them.

Angelina started her next day with a mission, and she convinced her family to participate in her big plan.  They were all going to work on achieving a suntan finally!

It seemed a good way to start would be to lounge around in the pool, which was also a great opportunity for everyone to catch up on reading some of Billy’s best books.

Darian was still visiting and he got pelted by an untimely hailstorm.

Amki took him out for a date and they went to city hall to take a tour and have their portrait taken.

Billy wasn’t about to let Angelina’s day be ruined by the hail though.  He used the climate control machine to bring back the sunshine.

Always multitasking, Billy worked on his tan and his latest novel.

When Amki and Darian got back from their tour of city hall, she worked up the nerve to ask him to be her boyfriend.  Darian was happy to accept!

I installed an outdoor shower for my sims to enjoy in the summertime–it provides the perfect way to cool off and stay clean while working on those suntans!

It did look like Zinnia was making some progress on that suntan quest.

Something amazing happened next.  There was a sound of a UFO landing out front, and an alien arrived for a visit.

Amki almost fainted when she saw him–it turned out he was her long lost husband!  She thought he had died.

His name is Ushuqop, and Amki invited him inside to talk.  She took a moment to explain to him that she thought he was dead, and she’d started seeing another man.

As soon as Ushuqop left, Amki rushed upstairs to deal with her problem.

“I don’t want to see you ever again!”

That was the shortest intentional romance ever!  Poor Darian.

The next day, Amki made arrangements to rent a house with Ushuqop and she moved out of the Glim household.  (You can follow Amki’s story in The Alien Diaries.)

Angelina went to visit the new Farmer’s Market that just opened up in Moonlight Falls.  She was excited to see what kinds of neat things they had for sale, and it was a great opportunity to sell some of the family’s harvest from their massive garden.

The selection was amazing, and Angelina picked up some new eggplants and lemons to plant when she got home.

She changed into her bathing suit to continue working on her tan while she tended the market stand.  She had a beautiful golden glow already, but she wanted it to last for the rest of the summer because she’s always been very pale and her suntan was quite a novelty.

She stole an apple from the cart when no one was looking!  I suppose all the fresh fruit and veggies were just too tempting to her.  I don’t think that’s something a proper lady ought to do!

That night was Theodore’s birthday and they threw a big party of course.  Darian was there, and he cried all night about being dumped by Amki.

The most popular party guest arrived to take away one of the uninvited townies that crashed the party!

A lot of guests were mourning when it was time for Theodore to blow out his candles.  Damien was looking rather scorched from his close encounter with Amki’s UFO in the spring.

OMG, Chandra’s dancing on the grill!  That’s hot 😀

In the morning, Angelina was up bright and early to work on her tan some more, while Billy was still scratching around for collectibles in the yard.

Billy really enjoyed showing off his new suntan too!

Loki harvested some of the new eggplants and Élodie started trying to get a tan as well.

Later in the afternoon, Billy went to the festival to get the special summer gnome–they have at least one of each seasonal gnomes now and hopefully they’ll earn another for having the complete collection.

After school, Theodore went to the Farmer’s Market to tend the juice stand.  He’s such a cute little boy.  Billy was his first customer.

Billy wanted to try out the inexpensive psychiatric advice his great grandson was offering.  He pulled up a crate and started telling Theodore his problems.

“I’ve become obsessed with collecting space rocks…”

Theodore listened patiently and wiped down the juice stand like a grown-up bartender.

His advice, “You have a job, you should spend more time on your computer instead of collecting rocks.”  Well, that’s what you get when you pay five cents for advice from a little kid!

Back at home, Angelina finished her latest ice sculpture: a fancy chair.  The family had decided to purchase the ice lounge venue and turn it into an awesome Ice Palace.  Angelina planned to sculpt a lot of furniture and beautiful decor to use in their new Ice Palace.

That night was Snow’s birthday!

Zinnia finally achieved a suntan.

Snow blew out his candles and aged up to child.

Snow is a cute alien, but he has his human father’s nose and it looks kind of funny on an alien.

“Happy Birthday, Snow!”  Angelina said as she gave her great grandson a present.

As Snow squealed with delight and thanked her, that’s when I heard his voice for the first time.  It was like music to my ears!  (I should point out that alien babies born the “natural way” do have their voices right away.)

Stay tuned for another update, coming soon!

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