The Alien Diaries part 4

From the personal log of Ushuqop Vajjer
Stardate 54319.1

At the end of last month, I met with Tagga Pirscuk, the lead surveyor of this planet.  We discussed setting up a beacon to draw more of our people this direction, and I offered to open my home to new arrivals.  We’ve become like an adoption agency, because the government requires that all aliens live with a host family until they qualify for residency and can rent or purchase their own homes.

I wasn’t sure how Amki would feel about even more people coming to stay with us, but she was perfectly agreeable to the idea.  I shouldn’t have doubted her: Amki is the most loving and generous woman in the universe!

She even told me, “I’m excited to see more of our people living here!”

I got to work on building the beacon in the garage, where I’ve been tinkering with some new inventions.  It didn’t take long for me to modify one of my gadgets to emit the signal that will be transmitted directly to the minds of Sixiams within the quadrant.

*   *   *

From the diary of Amki Vajjer
Stardate 54326.5

The girls are growing up incredibly fast!  Between Enli, Ushu and myself, we’ve already taught the girls how to walk and use the potty, and they’re almost finished learning how to talk too.

I regret that I’ve had no time at all for my art lately.  I’ve been working hard at learning some alchemy recipes and most of my time is spent in the garden.  It’s harvest season now and it takes nearly all day to tend to the plants.

I’m so grateful that Ushu has been helping with the yard work, but I’m a bit concerned about how much he enjoys lighting the leaves on fire!

We had a romantic date the other night, and he told me we’re going to be hosting more of our people in our home soon.  I’m definitely looking forward to making more friends and being a good hostess to new arrivals.

The first of those new arrivals has just showed up yesterday afternoon.  Her name is Shannan Thobanob.

Shannan is a medical technician and she’s very nice.  She’s of the Y Group of Sixiams.  They have pale blue skin and used to be native to the Northern regions of Sixam.  She got a job at the hospital almost immediately after she settled in and she spends almost all of her spare time providing medical advice on the internet when she isn’t working at the hospital.


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