Summer is Here!

Hello and Happy Canada Day!  I hope you’re all having a blast with your Sims 🙂

The newest expansion pack for the Sims 3, called Island Paradise, was released last week.  I’ve been having a truly great time playing with it!  I started a brand new sim to play in the new town, called Isla Paradiso.  As usual, I didn’t want to risk my favourite sims, but I haven’t run into any serious issues at all.

I’ve been playing around with resort management a lot.  This was the feature I was most excited about before I got my hands on Island Paradise.  I have managed to get the free resort up to 5 Stars!  I’ll make a post all about resort management soon, so stay tuned for that.  Feel free to post any resort management questions on this post, and I’ll do my best to answer them for you in my upcoming post on resorts.

Another great feature that I’ve been playing around with extensively is the snorkeling and scuba diving!  There are four dive spots in Isla Paradiso and before the pack came out, I thought that scuba diving would get boring once you unlock all the dive spots.  In my game, I have only unlocked three of them so far, but I don’t find it boring to return to the lots I’ve already explored.  The fun of scuba diving isn’t just exploring a new environment–there’s much to enjoy every time you return to the dive lot.

Exploring underwater caves is always fun, although it can be glitchy at times.  Sometimes my sims enter the cave and get “teleported” to land nearby 😦  This cave jump bug is annoying, but I’ve found a few ways to avoid it.  It seems to happen if I move my camera around or switch to another sim while my sim is entering the cave, or it can happen if my sim’s motives are getting too low.  I found that if I make my sim view a plant or decorative object in front or beside the cave, and then send them into the cave without moving my camera, they usually go into the cave just fine.

The new occult being added with Island Paradise is mermaids!  It took a little while for me to start seeing them in my game, but now I see them almost every time my sims go scuba diving.  They almost always have sharks with them!  However, my sims have never been attacked by a shark.  I know it can happen, but if you don’t pester the sharks, they’ll probably leave you alone.

I don’t know a lot about mermaids yet.  They are all called mermaids, even though there are mermen too.  I know that you cannot call mermaids on the telephone or invite them to parties, but once you meet one, you can “signal mermaid” whenever you want, and have them show up where your sim is.  Using the “signal” feature, you can have mermaids attend your parties or just come and hang out with your sim any time you wish.  I will write a full post about mermaids after I’ve really played with them.  Feel free to ask your questions about mermaids on this post, and I’ll do my best to answer them in a future post.

I have some fun community lots that I’ve built in the past few months, and I’m going to post them to my blog this week.  If I have time, I’ll also write some more in my stories.  Due to some glitches, I may not be able to continue the Alien Diaries or Supernatural Gameplay series 😦  I was able to keep my Romanova family safe, thankfully, so the Black Widow Legacy can be shared!  The Romanova family is now on their fourth generation, so I will not share everything that they’ve accomplished.  I will show you some of Yulia’s life, and introduce you to her children and grandchildren (the great grandchildren of Natasha Romanova).

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