Sidestreet Shops (CC Free)

The next community lot I have to share with you is one of my personal favourites!  The Sidestreet Shops is a combination lot that includes an antiques shop (regular consignment), an occult shop (elixir consignment) and a coffee shop (barista bar).  The shops are built on a flat 20 X 30 lot, and although they were originally designed for Lucky Palms, they certainly do fit in many other worlds.  I use this lot in all the worlds I play except for Lunar Lakes (I don’t have Dragon Valley yet, but that’s another one it wouldn’t suit too well.)

The main reason to get the Sidestreet Shops for your game is the convenience of having both consignment stores side by side, but I think the Sidestreet Shops are also very attractive.  Here are some screenshots.

As always, this community lot has no custom content but it does include items from the Sims 3 Store and various EPs and SPs.  If you’d like to add the Sidestreet Shops to your game, you can download it from my studio at  Please leave a recommendation for it while you’re there ;)   Thanks!

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2 Responses to Sidestreet Shops (CC Free)

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    LOVE the 3-in-1 shop stop! Great themes/design to individualize each store.
    As always, another SIMTASTIC build 😀

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