Highborn Haven (CC Free)

The new community lot I have to share with you is Highborn Haven, a 5 Star luxury resort.  The resort generates more than §11,000 per day!  It includes a fully upgraded Eco Modern resort tower with spa and room services, fully stocked buffet, gym, sauna, massage table, 2 hot tubs, food stand, wedding garden, nightclub, 3 firewalking pits, a large pool with pool bar, diving board, water slide and 2 waterfalls, and 16 VIP guest rooms.  The resort can serve over 100 high class guests per day.

I had so much fun building this resort!  My sims started off with just the tower and a front desk, and they built the resort room by room until it was finished.  When I first started, I really didn’t like that massive resort tower, but once I found a way to make the rest of my building accentuate the shape of the tower, and picked colours to co-ordinate with it, I actually started to love that thing!

The resort was built on a 60 X 60 lot in Isla Paradiso, on the “No Trouble Atoll” private island.  The lot is mostly flat except for a tiny bit in the back corner, behind the tower.  When placed on a flat lot, this can be quickly and easily smoothed out with the level terrain tool.  I have placed this lot in Lucky Palms as well, but I needed to touch up the terrain paint on the front lawn, as the clover layer of paint didn’t work very well on the Lucky Palms desert terrain.  Touching up that small piece of grass shouldn’t take much work for anyone who downloads this lot for a world like Lucky Palms though.

Here are some pictures of the Highborn Haven resort.

This resort lot is CC Free, but does contain items from various EPs, SPs and the Sims 3 Store.  If you would like to download the Highborn Haven for your game, it’s available for download from my studio at http://www.thesims3.com/assetDetail.html?assetId=7456750  Please leave a recommendation for it while you’re there 😉  Thank you!

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6 Responses to Highborn Haven (CC Free)

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    One word – AMAZING!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you! I was planning for 3 floors for the hotel and may still expand it, but I wanted to be able to upload it, and I think it would’ve reached a filesize that the launcher wouldn’t like if I added another floor. I’m glad you like the Highborn Haven. It holds a special place in my sims world 😀

  2. lindali365 says:

    This is the only lot I’ve come acrosss where the tower looks like it actually ‘fits.’ Agree with adwilson1991…it’s absolutely amazing! I’m spending some time in your studio this afternoon : )

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you so much! I know it’s really hard to do anything with that tower, but after many hours of work, I feel I managed it 😀 It took a lot of work just to get the colours matched perfectly, let alone to make the design of the resort to compliment that big thing 😛 lol I’m really glad you like it.

  3. Tessimmie22 says:

    I was just surfing to solve a Sims 3 problem and stumbled on your amazing resort! Headed right over to your download and recommended it ! Thank you ! Greetings from the Netherlands!

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