Mermaid’s Paradise Hotel (CC Free)

I am pleased to share a new 5 Star resort with you.  It has taken me a while to get this resort uploaded because it was a mostly experimental project–part of the Advanced Resort Management post I will be sharing with you soon.  I tried a lot of new things with this resort and I needed to play it for a little while to make sure it could even become a 5 Star resort.  It did, and I hope you will enjoy it!

This resort was built for the Mermaid’s Secret Island in Isla Paradiso.  It was a breathtaking beautiful spot, and I just could not resist building a resort there.  The lot is only 30 X 30, and it was a bit of challenge to get all the resort amenities to fit without ruining the natural beauty of the lot.  The resort tower (and front desk as well) is hidden below ground.  There are four VIP guest rooms above ground, but the focus of the resort is the environment and the mermaid culture.  The VIP rooms are decorated with a castaway theme and custom underwater photography.  There are a lot of special collectibles around the resort, including shells, messages in bottles, fish fossils, and even a few large rainbow gems.  The theme of the resort is mermaid culture.

Here are a few screenshots of the Mermaid’s Paradise Hotel.

As always, this lot is CC FREE, but does include items from various EPs, SPs, and the Sims 3 Store.  If you would like to add the Mermaid’s Paradise Hotel to your game, it’s available for download in my studio at  Please leave a recommendation for it while you’re there 😉  Thank you!

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