Morgayne Bellamy (CC Free)

I have a special sim to share with you today: Morgayne Bellamy.  She is a second generation sim that was born in my game.  She’s already a mermaid in my game, but you will have to get her converted if you want her to be a mermaid in your game as well (the occult status doesn’t transfer through the exchange).  Morgayne was conceived in the sea and has spent her entire life obsessing about the sea and the merfolk that live there!  Her traits are Loves to Swim, Loves the Outdoors, Brave, Artistic and Irresistible.  And of course, she really loves hot pink!

Here are some screenshots of Morgayne from Create-A-Sim.


Everyday Outfit

Formal Outfit

Athletic Outfit



Cold Weather Outfit

As usual, Morgayne Bellamy is CC Free, but she does have items from various EPs, SPs and the Sims 3 Store.  If you would like to add her to your game, she is available for download from my studio at  Please leave a recommendation for her while you’re there 😉  Thanks!

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