Guarida del Buceador (CC Free)

I have a new 5 Star resort community lot to share with you today.  Guarida del Buceador is a Spanish style resort built on the Diver’s Den private island in Isla Paradiso.  This resort has room for 84 guests and includes a complete buffet, gym, pool, wedding chapel, beach activities, spa services, room service and a little bistro.  The resort guests typically eat from the buffet, so the bistro is small and is primarily intended for your active sims to use.  The VIP guest suites include dining tables with menus, so sims can order proper room service when they stay in one of the VIP rooms.  Because it is not a specific resort item, the bistro service does not affect the resort ratings or profits, but it does add to the gameplay experience of having your sims stay at a resort.  You must click on the bistro oven during gameplay to hire a chef and set the menu.

Here are some screenshots of Guarida del Buceador.

As usual, this lot is CC FREE but does contain items from various EPs, SPs and the Sims 3 Store.  If you would like to add Guarida del Buceador to your game, it’s available for download from my studio at  Please leave a recommendation for it while you’re there 😉  Thank you!

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