Iconic Model Challenge Week 1: Fan Favourite

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In the introduction post for the Iconic Model Challenge, I showed the first photos of the models and readers voted for the “Fan Favourite.”  The results of that vote are in and the first weekly giveaway winner has been chosen.  Here are the results of the draw.

Carmen0908 is the winner of the first giveaway! Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated in the first vote 😀

The votes were close, but Gabrielle Arias won the title of “Fan Favourite” and will receive a special prize that may help her in the skill challenges she’ll face during the competition.  Of course, this does not give Gabrielle any type of immunity in the future votes and does not give her an edge to win the competition!

Now I would like to share a few additional details about how to play the Iconic Model Challenge before I show you what’s been happening in the competition.  As I stated in the Introduction post, you need to have 1 photographer sim and 7 model sims, and put them in a house with enough beds for 8 sims.  Money cheats are permitted in this gameplay challenge, because this challenge is about producing good photos rather than achieving financial success.  It’s a good idea to use the “freerealestate” cheat to put the sims into the house you’ve selected for the challenge.  The house should have enough bedding for all the sims, as well as all the basic comforts they will require; for example, there should be several bathrooms because when the house is full at the beginning of the challenge, there will be quite a high demand for bathrooms!  LOL

For this challenge, I have moved my sims into the castle in Isla Paradiso, because it’s a large house and it looks pretty neat.

I must say this house looks great from the outside, but it is not efficient and not the most playable house!  It can be quite a pain at times, but that is to be expected with an EA made house, I suppose 😉

The sims selected for the challenge will typically be fresh out of Create-A-Sim, therefore, they will not have any skills or items in their inventories.  When you enter the house, you will need to give a camera to your photographer sim right away.  You can do this with cheats by entering “testingcheatsenabled true” and then “buydebug” in order to purchase the camera from the “buydebug” menu, or you can send your sim to the nearest consignment store to purchase a camera.  (I have always seen at least one type of camera for sale at the consignment store, so this is a perfectly fine method if you are not comfortable using cheats.)  Once you’ve acquired a camera for your photographer sim, you must start getting him or her to take pictures a lot to build up their skill!  In the beginning, the photographer may mess up a lot of potentially great photos by sticking a finger over the lens, or not focusing the camera properly, etc.  This is part of the challenge, and in time, the photographer will develop a lot of talent with the camera 😉

I selected an Isla Paradiso townie, Harley Greenwood, to be my photographer for this challenge.  After all the models were settled into the model house, Harley called them all out onto the back deck to make an announcement.

“You may be wondering why there’s a podium here this morning,” Harley began.  “Well, it has everything to do with your first skill challenge.  As you know, you’ll be participating in skill challenges each week during this competition, and the first challenge is based on charisma!”

“You will all be attending a charisma class at City Hall this afternoon,” Harley continued with his announcement.  “The skill challenge will take place on Thursday, so you have four days to improve your charisma as much as possible.  An Iconic Model must have good social skills to get by in this business, so I expect you all to work hard on developing your skill!”

When Harley was finished making his announcement, the girls all piled into the car and headed to City Hall for their charisma class.  While they were there, they got together for a Greeting Card photo.  The group photo is not part of the challenge, but it does make a nice memento for them to keep.

When they returned from their charisma class, the models had free time to do as they pleased.  Most of the girls headed straight for a mirror to practice their speeches, but Fan Favourite Gabrielle went to the toy box upstairs and amused herself with children’s toys!

In the evening, the girls were treated to a meal of hamburgers, and they had some time to get to know each other a bit better.  It turns out that everyone in the house seems to adore Ariel.  I noticed that whenever a housemate felt like socializing, they sought out Ariel to chat with!

The next morning (Tuesday) it was time for the girls to receive their first makeover in preparation for their first photo shoot.  Their first photo shoot would take place in the graveyard–at night–so the girls were given “gothic” type outfits, hair and makeup.  After their makeovers, they were all sent to take a nap so they would have energy for the night time photo shoot.

Some of the girls were very unhappy with their graveyard makeovers because the gothic look just doesn’t suit all of them.  Gabrielle had an especially challenging photo shoot because she hated her makeover and she was terrified of the graveyard.

Some of Gabrielle’s photos turned out quite amusing because of her scared look!

The photo shoot lasted all night long, and two of the girls–Karlie and Malala–left the graveyard early to go home and sleep.  Harley was incredibly upset with them for leaving the shoot early, and they were lectured severely for it.  Karlie was lucky because her photos were all fabulous, but Harley only had a chance to get one photo of Malala.  (It is important to play with Free Will on during this challenge, even though it can result in models leaving a photo shoot.  It is the best way to get interesting photos of the models and Free Will is an essential aspect of this challenge.)

Everyone who stayed at the photo shoot all night was exhausted when they got back to the model house.  Thankfully Wednesday is a free day for the girls, so they were able to catch up on their beauty sleep and get a little work on their charisma skill in the evening.

The girls will have another photo shoot on Friday, and their best photos from the two shoots will be presented for the voting.  Malala will need to work especially hard on the Friday shoot to make up for leaving the graveyard early, but she still has a good chance if she produces a knock-out photo on Friday 😉  Here’s a preview of the photos from the graveyard.

Some of the girls produced numerous beautiful photos during their first photo shoot, while others really had to work hard at getting a good shot.  It is important that the models try different styles during the challenge in order to discover which model is truly the most versatile and talented overall.  It is also important for the girls to participate in photo shoots at various times of the day, as well as indoor and outdoor locations, to really put them to the test.

Stay tuned to find out how the girls do on their skill challenge and their next photo shoot!  There will be another post this Wednesday, and another vote post on Friday.  In the gameplay challenge, the girls will have their skill challenge on Thursday, a photo shoot on Friday, and then evaluations and the first eviction on Saturday.  Sunday will be another free day for the models who remain in the house for another week.

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  1. BlackZanie says:

    Beautiful pics so far, I giggled at Gabrielle’s unhappy look in the graveyard. Also, nice work on their different outfits :3 I can’t wait to see how they perform on their skill challenge. You just gave each candidate a charisma class then left them improve their skill -or not- only on free will, am I right ?

    • enkeli63 says:

      After their charisma class, I did leave them to improve their skill on free will until the night before the skill evaluations–then they were all instructed to work on their skill some before bed because they would realistically prepare the night before the skill challenge 😉 Most of the time, the girls are left on Free Will, but they are controlled during photo shoots whenever the photographer needs them to move around in order to get a shot. Also during the skill challenge they are given instructions (a little for preparation and then during the challenge they have specific instructions). I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the photos so far and their outfits too–it was a bit challenging to find different outfits that would suit each girl as best as possible in the theme for that shoot.

  2. emilzydiva says:

    Ill start reading this every niht too, its really interesting!!

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