Iconic Model Challenge Week 1: Skill Challenge

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Wednesday night in the model house was crazy because all the girls were working on their charisma skill to prepare for the skill challenge the following day.  Let me tell you: seven models babbling to themselves in front of a mirror makes quite a racket!

Gabrielle was voted “Fan Favourite” and won a Multitab to help her in skill challenges.  She listened to a charisma tabcast and played with a fluffy bunny toy while improving her skill!

In the morning, it was time for the skill challenge.  Harley went into the office on the main floor and called each girl in, one at a time, for their skill evaluation.  The models were each given 30 minutes to socialize with Harley and they were evaluated based on their relationship boost with him and their overall charisma skill level.

The models each deployed their own unique strategies during the skill challenge.  Half an hour isn’t a lot of time for socializing, but most of the girls were able to initiate three or four social interactions during their skill evaluation.

Malala is a bit of a snob, so she started off her social time with Harley by bragging about her medical degree.  After that, she only had enough time to ask him about his Alma Mater.  Surprisingly enough, she did quite well in her skill evaluation–but who wouldn’t be impressed by a model wannabee who has a medical degree?

Gabrielle’s childish personality also came into play during her skill evaluation.  She discussed fine cuisine with Harley and then spent the rest of her time goofing around with him.  Harley loved it!

Karlie’s skill evaluation was also quite amusing.  She’d been exercising a little while waiting for her turn, so she started off by enthusing about exercise.  Then she noticed that Harley was a fellow jock, so she practiced the school cheer with him.  Karlie scored the biggest relationship boost with Harley during the skill evaluation, but she only managed to raise her charisma skill to level 2, so she didn’t win the skill challenge.

Perhaps not surprising at all, the winner of the first skill challenge was Ariel.  She started her skill evaluation by brightening Harley’s day, and she had just enough time to tell him a funny story.

After all the models had their 30 minutes with Harley, he announced that Ariel had won the charisma skill challenge.  “Your reward is a special outing to a local hot spot,” Harley explained to Ariel.  “Pick a friend to take with us, and then get dressed to go out.”

Ariel has been getting along with Jessica very well, so she invited Jessica to go out with her.  The girls got all dolled up for their evening outing.  They certainly looked like a couple of Iconic Models on their outing!

Harley took them to Bradford’s Bar & Grill to celebrate.  It is just a dive bar, but Ariel and Jessica enjoyed being the best dressed patrons in the bar, and they had a lot of fun.  Ariel decided to enjoy some karaoke after having a drink.  Jessica joined her in an amusing duet.  As they sang, Harley snapped a few photos and Ariel got a special photograph added to her portfolio because she won the first skill challenge in the Iconic Model Challenge.

Next time in the Iconic Model Challenge, the girls will have their final photo shoot of the week, and their best photos taken this week will be presented for voting.  You will have a chance to vote for the first model to be eliminated from the competition and kicked out of the model house, plus voting will earn you an entry in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw!  Stay tuned for another episode of the Iconic Model Challenge this Friday.

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6 Responses to Iconic Model Challenge Week 1: Skill Challenge

  1. Donna says:

    I love your story telling skills, it has me wanting for more lol 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      Wow, thank you so much!! I will have a new post in this story tomorrow, and I am soon publishing another new series here–the sequel to the Black Widow Chronicle. So if you’re enjoying this story, I really recommend that you check out the Black Widow Chronicle and stay tuned for the sequel (first chapters due out next week). Also, the Iconic Model Challenge story will continue through the summer until the beginning of September 😉 Thank you so much for your support and encouragement!

  2. sophieluckybear7 says:

    hi, its sophieluckybear7… i didnt know where to contact you… please read …. (link removed to prevent drama spillage)

    • enkeli63 says:

      Hi 🙂 you can always contact me here in my blog. I took out the link just to prevent any drama, but I read the link and I commented in your support. I feel the situation is beyond unfortunate at this point. I do not support re-uploading another person’s creations and claiming credit for them–but that isn’t what you did, you gave credit and the creator was comfortable with you redesigning the original floor plan. That whole situation was a serious misunderstanding, and I feel many people reacted far too harshly. This new situation makes me very sad to see, because the contests in the Gift Gathering & Thank Yous forum are one of the best community activities in the entire Sims 3 site! I feel those contests really bring people together in a way that no other forum activity really does. By participating in contests, players improve their skill, make new friends, and benefit from the experience in many ways 😀 This is why I love the GG forum so much. Over the past year, I’ve seen a lot of negative drama taking place in that forum though, and things have been slowly but surely declining and becoming a lot less fun for everyone. Many of my friends have remarked that the GG forum “just isn’t what it used to be,” and some have confided in me that it actually makes them sad. I agree with this! I have experienced strong disappointments there as well, and have had people contact me privately to demand that I not sponsor one member’s contest because some other people didn’t like the member personally, or they believed she was “a cheater.” All of this really makes me sad to see! I miss the days when people were welcoming, encouraging, supportive and even forgiving…

      If there is any way I can help, I would be glad to. In the meanwhile, you have all of my support in this! Please know you are not alone and the whole community is not against you. Stay strong and stay positive despite all of this drama. {{{hugs}}}

      • sophieluckybear7 says:


      • enkeli63 says:

        {{{HUGS}}} Don’t let them make you feel bad about yourself!! Please don’t let them do that. As you said, you made a mistake and you learned from it. You’re not a bad person, you’re not untrustworthy or anything. You’re human, you made a mistake, but we have all made mistakes! Don’t beat yourself up about it, and definitely don’t let a pack of forum bullies cause you to feel bad about yourself. Please remember most of them really are bullies. They get some sort of power kick out of bossing people around, taking their frustrations out on others, and if they can find any reason to blame someone for something, they jump at it like a pack of wild animals! Some of them are really harsh, and they are just doing it for attention. They’re lashing out at you in a way to show off to people they are buddies with or desperately want to be buddies with. It’s not even about you anymore, really. They are just strutting around and attempting to exert some type of power and control in a forum for a computer game. Now you should just take a little step back and laugh at those fools for the way they’re acting! They are being ridiculous! You’ve been polite about the whole thing, and you’ve apologized enough for the small mistake you made. If I were you, I would stop looking at the old thread and just try to ignore these people. The main concern, as I see it, is contest hosts refusing to allow you to participate because of this thing. To me, that is really wrong and unfair, and I’d like to see that get resolved as soon as possible! I’m going to continue following the thread you linked me to earlier, and I hope there can be a resolution that allows you to participate in the contest. Please know that I don’t hold a single thing against you from all this nonsense! You are absolutely invited and encouraged to participate in any contests I host in the forum and in my blog. {{{hugs}}} I hope your day gets better!

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