Iconic Model Challenge Week 1: The Elimination Vote

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On Friday morning in the model house, the girls were given new swimsuits to wear on their next photo shoot, which would take place at the beach that afternoon.  They were also given make-up more suitable to the beach theme and had the option of wearing their hair in their usual style or the new style they got in their previous makeover.  The models were seen socializing with one another before the shoot, but it’s unknown what they were giggling about.

As soon as everyone was ready, they went to the photo shoot at noon.

The models who decided to keep their new hair style were Yvette, Jessica, Karlie and Rei.  (Ariel had a different hair style with her swimsuit outfit because her everyday hairstyle is not enabled for swimsuits.)

The photographer, Harley, was very busy taking photographs of the models for the next six hours, so I didn’t capture any screenshots during the photo shoot.  The photos acquired during this shoot were fantastic!  All of the models really put in their best effort and produced multiple beautiful images.

When the sun began to set and the lighting on the beach was no longer suitable to continue the photo shoot, everyone piled into a water taxi to go back to the model house.

I must say I’m a little disappointed that the models were not able to develop a suntan during this photo shoot, because it would’ve been lovely to see how they all looked with a golden glow to them.  Although there wasn’t enough time to get a tan, several of the girls did take an opportunity to sunbathe while the photographer worked with other models, and some of them were photographed as they lounged on beach towels and soaked up the rays!

Gabrielle was one of the models who decided to sunbathe during the photo shoot, and the photographer was inspired to take a panoramic shot of her.  The resulting photograph was Gabrielle’s best from the beach shoot, even though it doesn’t fit in her digital portfolio frame.  The quality of the photo she produced cannot be overlooked simply because it is a different size than the usual images.

That brings us to the whole point of this episode: the elimination vote.  The girls have participated in two photo shoots, and the skill challenge winner earned a bonus photo for this week’s judging.  It is now time for you to decide which model does not have what it takes to become the Iconic Model.  Here are the photos (in random order) for you to judge this week.

Karlie Goldberg

Malala Almira

Yvette Yee

Jessica Alvaro

Ariel Walsh

Gabrielle Arias

Rei Matsuri

Once again, you are voting for the first model to eliminate from the competition.  Do not vote for your favourite, or she could be kicked out of the competition by mistake!  The model with the most votes will be eliminated from the competition and kicked out of the model house; she will not participate in any further skill challenges or photo shoots and will not have any second chances in the competition.  This elimination is final.

To cast your vote for the first model to be eliminated from the competition, comment on this post with the name of the model you believe does not have what it takes to be the Iconic Model.  Please include the link to your Sims 3 Store Wishlist (or a friend’s wishlist if you’d prefer to nominate someone for the giveaway contest).  Everyone who votes in this elimination round will be entered in the Second Weekly Giveaway and will earn an entry in the Grand Prize Draw that takes place at the end of the competition.  (See the first post in this series for all the details about the giveaway contests.)

Voting is now CLOSED.   All votes will be counted at 11 am on Monday (Eastern European Time), and the names of everyone who participated in the vote will be put into Random.org to draw the winner of the weekly giveaway.  The winner of the giveaway will be notified immediately after their name is drawn.  Shortly after the winner is notified, the results will be posted in a new post in this blog, along with details about next week’s skill challenge.

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32 Responses to Iconic Model Challenge Week 1: The Elimination Vote

  1. sophieluckybear7 says:

    Rei Matsuri
    thanks for the email…
    it was so friendly…
    im not allowed to reply to people i dont know personally in person on my email….

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m glad you got the message, and don’t worry about replying! I just wanted to lend my support and encouragement 😉 I care about you and hope things are getting better already!

      Thank you for your vote! You are now entered in this week’s giveaway and have earned another entry in the grand prize draw. Good luck 😀

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you for your vote! You are now entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw at the end of the competition 😉 Best of luck!

  2. Donna says:

    Karlie Goldberg for being one of the girls who left the Graveyard shoot

    • enkeli63 says:

      LOL! Yeah, that was some very poor judgement and unprofessional conduct on her part 😛 Thank you so much for your vote 🙂 You’ve now been entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw. Good luck!

  3. Julle says:

    Well, I’m feeling really bad for kicking someone out. But, well…
    Least favourite: Rei Matsuri
    Sims 3 name is xJulle and my wishlist is: http://store.thesims3.com/myWishlist.html?persona=xJulle

    • enkeli63 says:

      Aww, don’t feel bad for kicking one out 😉 It’s a competition. Besides, you can just think about that you are helping a more talented model rise one step closer to the top 😀

      Thanks for your vote! You’re now entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw. I wish you good luck!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you so much for your vote 🙂 You’ve been entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw. Best of luck 😉

  4. adwilson1991 says:

    While she looks gorgeous in her swimsuit (GREAT color for her skintone!), I wish to eliminate Malala Almira. She left the graveyard photo shoot early and started the charisma skill challenge by bragging about herself – she seems to be a nightmare to work with.

    WL link: http://store.thesims3.com/myWishlist.html?persona=ADWilson

    • enkeli63 says:

      Hahaha! I’ll definitely make sure to include that bit of feedback for her in the weekly evaluation she gets 😛 I do have to agree with you about the colour of her swimsuit complimenting her skintone. I was really pleased with the beach make-over she got–the graveyard one didn’t suit her at all, but at least I tried to give her a different look.

      Thanks for your vote and feedback 😀 You’ve been entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw. Good luck to you!

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you very much for voting! You are now entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw 🙂 Best of luck!

  5. pixiegamer says:

    *judging voice* I say Karlie Goldberg. Not only was she unprofessional in leaving the graveyard shoot, but her dress blends into the background and her face looks ghostly. Any model should know how to accentuate their best features, but she fails, and the light doesn’t flatter her complexion either. *end judging voice*

    LOL 😀 This was fun to do! I’m excited to see where this challenge goes next 🙂 My wishlist is linked with my name, btw

    • enkeli63 says:

      LOL! Thank you so much for sharing the feedback with your vote–the models will all benefit from feedback 😉 You’ve been entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw now. Best of luck!

  6. Ali says:

    She just does not seem to be too enthusiastic. She needs a little more expression in her face. So, I would like to vote off Rei Matsuri.

    P.S. This is such a neat idea!


    • enkeli63 says:

      Thanks! I’ve counted your vote, and you are now entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw. Good luck 😉

  7. Erja888 says:

    Malala Almira, I mean in the beach shot she looks like a bored tourist, but NOT like a model and the graveyard picture doesn’t impress me either.


    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you for your vote! I must agree, her one and only shot from the graveyard was a serious disappointment, and then she left the photo shoot and there wasn’t even a chance to get a better shot! It’s funny how such drama can occur with Free Will on high 😉 I really appreciate your participation in this story. You’ve been entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw. Good luck!

  8. Carmen says:

    I’m going to have to say Malala Almira should be voted off. She seems a bit expressionless, plus, she seems to like to talk about herself a lot 😛 Oh, and she left the first photoshoot too early.


    • enkeli63 says:

      LOL! Everyone has really reacted to the first photo shoot 😛 I guess it’s lucky that such a random event created some drama in the first week–let’s hope there’s more stuff like that throughout the competition 😉

      Thank you so much for your vote 🙂 You’ve been entered in the weekly giveaway and the grand prize draw. Best of luck to you!

  9. Jessica Alvaro I can’t post links but my user name is diva

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you for your vote! I’ll make sure to square everything off if you win the weekly giveaway or the grand prize draw 🙂 Best of luck!

    • enkeli63 says:

      I searched for you on the Sims 3 site, but there isn’t a member listed with the username “diva” When you are able to post a link to your wishlist, you will be entered in the giveaway, but without it, I wont be able to send you any gifts because the website doesn’t have you listed under that name.

  10. BlackZanie says:

    I’m voting Rei Matsuri since she has the less impressive pics imo 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you for voting! You’ve been entered in the weekly giveaway, which will be concluded very shortly, and you’re also entered again in the grand prize draw. Best of luck!

  11. enkeli63 says:

    Now it’s time for me to cast my vote, and close this elimination vote. I am not participating in the giveaways of course 😛 but I do get a vote.

    I’m voting to eliminate Rei Matsuri. That brings this elimination round to a tie, so I will need to turn to my support judge (my husband) to get the tie breaking vote. See the next episode in the Iconic Model Challenge to see which way he voted!

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