Iconic Model Challenge: Athletic Performance

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The models had an athletic lesson at the stadium on Monday afternoon, and each girl received a private session with a fitness instructor.  All of the girls already had some athletic skill from swimming in the pools at the model house or working out in their free time, but they benefited from their private lesson nonetheless.

They also took the opportunity to get another greeting card photo taken together to mark their second week in the competition.

After their skill lesson, the girls had to race back home in order to demonstrate their fitness level at the start of the weekly skill challenge.

Ariel was in the lead during the start of the race.

She was soon overtaken by Yvette, Malala,  and Gabrielle.  Yvette moved far ahead of the pack by the final stretch of the jogging race.

Yvette set a good example by jogging passed the ice cream truck and being oblivious to its temptation.

The race was won by Yvette, with Gabrielle and Malala taking second and third place.  The last girls to reach the finish line were Jessica, Ariel and Karlie–in that order.

That night, the girls were informed of their next photo shoot, which would take place at the Palms Gym.  They received their hair and make-up for the shoot the night before, since the photo shoot would begin early in the morning.  While make-overs were being provided, Ariel and Yvette tried to convince Gabrielle to distance herself from Karlie and Malala.

“Trust us, those girls don’t have your best interests in mind,” Ariel assured her.

Gabrielle didn’t know what to think about everything.  She had a private discussion with Karlie in the morning, just before they left for the photo shoot.  “The other girls say I shouldn’t be friends with you,” Gabrielle revealed.

“Don’t listen to them!  They’re just trying to get you to make a mistake so they can have a better shot at winning.  They want to eliminate every other girl who is strong competition for them, and they are definitely going to take advantage of you any way they can,” Karlie replied.

The group arrived at the Palms Gym before noon and worked the photo shoot until dinner time.  The photo shoot went very well for some of the models.

They enjoyed dinner together at home and then everyone went to sleep early on Tuesday night, after such an exhausting day of work.  Wednesday was a free day for the girls, but they needed to work on their athletic skill in preparation for the skill challenge on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the girls took turns working out on the treadmills and also spent a lot of time swimming in the outdoor pool.  As expected, the alliances between some of the models continued to develop.  Jessica decided to protect her friendship with Ariel and Yvette and informed them of the latest scheming by Karlie and Malala.

Gabrielle seemed completely clueless to the intentions of her so-called friends in the house, but Ariel started looking out for her to try and prevent Karlie and Malala from messing with her head.

Stay tuned for another episode of the Iconic Model Challenge on Friday, when you’ll get to see who wins the athletic skill challenge, and the models will participate in their final photo shoot for the week.  On Friday, the best photos taken of the models this week will be presented for voting, and you’ll get to have a say in the next model to be eliminated from the competition 😉

Read the next post in this story

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  1. I didnt really like malala

    • enkeli63 says:

      No, she’s not too popular! LOL She barely made it through this vote, but there’s still time to get rid of her 😉

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