The Black Widow’s Legacy: Prologue

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I’ve got a story to tell you about a sim named Johnny. Now, let me warn you before I get started: this is not necessarily a story you’re going to like. Let’s face it, we can’t like every single story that needs to be told. The story about Johnny is one that definitely needs to be told.

Before I tell you about Johnny, I need to take you back to where it all began.

It all started three generations ago, with a woman named Natasha Romanova, who was better known as the Black Widow.

Natasha was evil, a ruthless thief and part time assassin, and possibly the worst cook in the history of sims! Despite all of her flaws, which were numerous and also infamous, Natasha was adored by nearly everyone who came to know her.

Natasha settled down in a relatively domestic lifestyle after the birth of her daughter, Yulia.

Yulia also possessed some of the more endearing qualities of her mother. When Yulia was abducted by a stranger, her mother was forever changed by the fear and pain she suffered the entire time her daughter was missing.

Sure, she still burned meals and blew up cars in her spare time, but Natasha was always different after her daughter’s abduction. She quit her job as the Empress of Evil and moved her family to Sunlit Tides.

In that tropical paradise, Yulia grew into a beautiful young woman, almost unscathed by her horrible ordeal as a child. Yulia always respected her mother, but she dreamed of entering law enforcement because it was a police officer that rescued her from her abductor. It was never that Yulia saw the world so differently from her mother, a hardened criminal, it was just that Yulia wanted to give back the gift of justice that she received.

When Yulia was old enough to leave home, she attended university and studied law. During her college years, she got involved with the rebel social group, and became well known for her political activism and her frequent public protests.

That’s how Yulia met her true love and future husband, Jeffrey Dean. When they graduated, Yulia married Jeffrey and they moved back to Lucky Palms, where Yulia was born.

It remains unknown precisely what happened to Natasha after Yulia moved away, but it is rumoured that she accidentally killed her husband with food poisoning (she was always a dreadful cook!). They say Natasha fled Sunlit Tides and has been on the run from the authorities ever since. With the life extending technology available to sims these days, it is entirely possible that the Black Widow still lives and is up to no good, somewhere in a sim world.

As for Yulia Romanova, she and her husband, Jeffrey, had two beautiful daughters of their own, named Svetlana and Anastasia. The third generation Romanova sisters were extremely popular because of their good looks and lovable personalities. The sisters were very close and did almost everything together in their early years.

When Svetlana and Anastasia grew up, they went to college together and shared a dorm on campus. They each fell in love with young men who lived in their dorm. The eldest daughter, Svetlana, fell in love with a rebel named Griffin Rhodes.

Anastasia fell in love with and married a guy named Jacob, and she became a doctor. After graduating from university, Anastasia moved away with her husband to Aurora Skies, where she worked in the field of medical research. She was involved with cutting edge science and participated in some strange genetic experiments, and sadly, she turned invisble one day. She literally was never seen again, although Anastasia also did not die. Her fate remains completely unknown, though it is possible that technology will advance to the point that she could be made visible once again. We continue to hold out hope for the return of Anastasia Romanova.

Svetlana Romanova and her husband, Griffin, became addicted to university life. After they had their first child, Katerina, they left her in the care of Svetlana’s parents while they returned to college for multiple degrees. They were both a little lost and confused when they’d earned every degree offered at the university and they had absolutely no idea what they wanted to do with their lives. Neither of them had ever held an actual job: they were always professional students.

Svetlana and Griffin continued to live with Svetlana’s parents. Yulia and Jeffery worked in their respective careers until well past the average retirement age. When Svetlana and Griffin had twin boys, Mikhail and Lazar, Svetlana’s parents helped the professional students to take care of their children. Yulia and Jeffrey provided for the family’s financial needs, while Svetlana and Griffin spent their post-graduate time playing around with their hobbies.

Svetlana’s favourite pastime was painting and sculpting. She did sell most of her works at the local consignment store, but money wasn’t ever an issue for the Romanovas anyway. Griffin liked to spend his time roaming around town and collecting rocks and pieces of metal, and he also spent a fair bit of time radiating insects and selling scientific data to the local research laboratory.

Eventually, Yulia and Jeffrey got a bit tired of the daily grind of raising children and working at the top of their careers. They decided to retire and move out of the house, leaving Svetlana and Griffin to take care of their own family without any further assistance.

The fact that Griffin was pregnant with an alien baby at the time may have had something to do with the way Yulia and Jeffrey bailed on their daughter and grandchildren. Griffin had an alien daughter named Vega. He continued collecting space rocks and got abducted by aliens a second time, which led to the birth of his next alien daughter, Padma.

The Romanova house was pretty full then, even without Yulia and Jeffrey living there. Katerina Romanova was the eldest of the fourth generation of the family. She helped raise her siblings, especially Vega and Padma, and she never complained when her parents were sometimes neglectful and irresponsible.

Now we’re just about at the point where we can start to talk about Johnny, but I’m afraid that’s going to have to wait just a little bit…

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2 Responses to The Black Widow’s Legacy: Prologue

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    What a great way to start this story! By doing it in this manner, you remind regular readers of things that happened in the past, quickly catch new readers up to where the story is going to begin, AND dangle a new character in front of all.

    • enkeli63 says:

      Thank you so much! This Prologue was very important because I’m jumping ahead several generations, but things from the past are still in play, so I needed to write about them. And I also needed to let the readers know something about where the story is going so they’d read all that stuff 😉 I’m glad it worked out well and that you enjoyed it!

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