The Black Widow’s Legacy: Chapter 6

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Johnny came over to keep Katerina company during the storm. He got the fire burning hot to make her feel cozy, then he snuggled with her on the sofa.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t able to make it to your family’s party,” he said.

Katerina told him, “My parents thought you might be a racist or something.”

“Really? I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. I honestly have no problem with Sixam aliens.”

“That’s good to hear, but I defended you with my parents, just so you know.”

“Thank you, I don’t want them thinking that of me. I promise to meet your parents, even though family stuff makes me a bit uncomfortable in general,” Johnny revealed.

“How come?” Katerina questioned.

“I lost my parents when I was really young,” Johnny told her.

“What, like in an accident?”

“No. It was a violent attack.”

She gasped, “Oh my god! That’s terrible. Were you there?”

Johnny nodded. “I saw the whole thing. I don’t really want to talk about that though.”

Katerina completely understood him not wanting to talk about a thing like that, so she changed the subject with a passionate kiss.

After a very steamy make-out session, Johnny pulled back a little and said, “You’re making it awful difficult for me to be a gentleman, you know?”

“I’m sorry. If you don’t want me to seduce you, then how about I play my violin for you?”

“I didn’t say I didn’t want you to, it’s just—yeah, let’s hear your violin!”

Katerina played the song she composed for him after they met. The melody was so beautiful and Johnny was deeply moved by it. He started trying to tell her how amazing the music was when she grabbed him and pulled him into another kiss.

“Wait, hold that thought for just a second,” Johnny said as he pulled out his phone. “Let me get a picture so I can show everyone what an amazing girlfriend I have!”

After posing for a picture with him, Katerina said, “It’s so stormy tonight, Johnny. Will you please stay with me tonight?”

“I would do anything to make you feel safe, my dear,” he cooed.

Katerina kissed him again and he didn’t resist his feelings any longer.

Later when they went to bed, Johnny held her hand and Katerina told him, “I love you, Johnny.”

“I love you too, Kat, with all my heart.”

Finally they drifted off to sleep and they both dreamed about the other all night long.

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2 Responses to The Black Widow’s Legacy: Chapter 6

  1. adwilson1991 says:

    Johnny is certainly smooth… gentleman or angler reeling her in, I am having a hard time deciding which. He says enough, but never too much. I am wondering how much of his past is intertwined with her family’s history. For her sake, I hope he is one of the good guys and not there on some sort of revenge scheme or plan to further harm her loved ones & her.

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