Iconic Model Challenge Week 4: Eviction and Surprise

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Last week, the best photos of each model were presented to the readers to judge.  Now the votes are in and it’s time for the girls to get their weekly evaluations–but first, I am pleased to reveal the results of this week’s giveaway draw!

The winner of this week’s giveaway is ADWilson!  Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated in the last vote 🙂

(I apologize for the slight delay in getting this episode to you.  I encountered multiple save errors while I worked on this one, and I fear one or more of these girls may be corrupted.  Sometimes making changes to certain townies can cause issues in your neighborhood, but I will do my best to keep this household playable until the end of the challenge.)

Harley called Malala into the office for her evaluation and told her, “You’ve made it through another round of voting!  It seems the readers have appreciated your hard work lately, and you still have a chance at winning this competition.  Just continue to work hard.  We’re in the final stretch of this challenge, and it’s only going to get harder from here–so no slacking!”

Next, it was Jessica’s turn.

“Well Jessica, not only did you make it through the voting this week, but our lingerie client also selected you to be in their advertising campaign!  You’ve earned your first modeling contract.  Other than that, just keep working your angles and you could even win this thing!”

Jessica was so surprised by her evaluation, but she was very excited afterward and had some type of adrenaline rush that caused her to run around the house for a couple of hours.

Ariel was next up for her evaluation.  Harley said, “This week our dance studio client selected you to be their spokesmodel after your amazing photo shoot for them!  I’m so proud of you for getting another contract, and I think you’ll do great in this business.  One thing you need to be careful of in your photo shoots is to never cover part of your face with any part of your body unless the photographer specifically tells you to.”

Harley called in Gabrielle next.

“You’re very immature and difficult to work with,” Harley told her.  “I don’t even have any feedback for you because there’s nothing you can do to improve.  These evictions aren’t up to me, but you would’ve been gone weeks ago if they were!”

At last, Yvette was called into the office.  Harley frowned and said, “This is a very sad day in the model house because you’ve been voted out of the competition.”

“Your trademark pouty look did you in this week.  You were dancing and it was your job to make it look fun, but you weren’t able to do that.  I personally felt that you deserved a second chance in this competition because of the very strong work you’ve done in the past, but the voters didn’t see it my way.  Nonetheless, I think you will turn out to be an iconic model in your own right one day, but just not in this competition.”

Yvette said goodbye to her friends and wished them good luck in the competition.  Then she packed her bags and left the model house.

The other models had the rest of the weekend off and were granted another opportunity to pick out a new everyday outfit.  While they were taking turns picking out new clothes, Gabrielle snuck up behind Ariel and scared the wits out of her.

Later in the afternoon, she ran up to Ariel and smacked her, saying, “You’re it!”

“Hey, cut it out!” Ariel told her.  “I’m not playing with you.  Grow up.”

Gabrielle didn’t listen, and she tried the same stunt on Harley!  He didn’t appreciate being smacked by her, and he yelled, “Go to your room!”

Later, Jessica told Ariel all about it.  “He sent her to her room and said ‘if you want to act like a child, you’ll be treated as a child!'”  Both girls laughed over the incident.

Upstairs in her room, Gabrielle continued her childish behaviour by playing with the mirror.

On Sunday afternoon, Harley sent the girls to City Hall to get their group photo taken early and told them they’d get a big surprise on Monday morning.  The models all wondered what it could be.

The girls all did their own thing on Sunday evening.  Ariel went swimming, Jessica and Malala watched tv in separate rooms, and Gabrielle laid on her bed listening to a tabcast with her Multitab.  Everyone was sent to bed early because they would need to be up early in the morning.

It turned out they had to take a long trip to France!  Stay tuned for another episode of the Iconic Model Challenge on Wednesday, and see how the girls perform in France and find out what their next skill challenge will be.  Can Gabrielle begin to act her age, and will Jessica’s recent make-over continue to help her in photo shoots?  Find out next time!

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12 Responses to Iconic Model Challenge Week 4: Eviction and Surprise

  1. Erja888 says:

    Great! A photoshot in France, how exciting! I’ll guess the next challenge is nectar making. 😉
    Love this challenge, can’t wiat for the new pictures and next elimination vote. 😉

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m sure it’s going to be a lot of fun in France! I’ll need to make regular back-ups in order to protect the game from save errors though. Anyways, the next post will include the details about their next skill challenge and photo shoot 😉 Also, I’m sure there will be a fair bit of drama between all the characters too 😀

  2. whoppi40 says:

    So sad to see Yvette go but i was not surprised. I have a new favorite now, Ariel.

  3. Camryn says:

    I can’t believe Yvette was eliminated! I guess nobody read or agreed with what I said for the elimination vote.

    • enkeli63 says:

      I know!! It’s so strange because she never got a single vote before, and then got voted out over one bad week–when Jessica and Gabrielle have had several o.O It’s shocking! LOL But dramatic, I suppose!!

  4. emilzydiva says:

    Awwww im al caught up on this one too!! Lol! Im a speedy reader! xD a photoshoot in france sounds interesting and I can properly take part in the votings left!! 😀

  5. Carmen says:

    France! That’s awesome, I’m sure it will be very interesting 😀

    • enkeli63 says:

      I didn’t mention it at the beginning of the challenge because it was meant to be a surprise, but I’m sure it’ll be fun 😀 I think this week will be amusing 😉

  6. Liz7783 says:

    I am sorry I missed the last vote, I was camping all weekend with no access to the internet. But I am excited for the next vote and can’t wait until the new episode tomorrow.

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m sorry you missed the last vote too! I will have the next episode ready fairly soon 😉 I just have to put a few final touches on it.

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