The Black Widow’s Legacy: Chapter 15

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Katerina’s phone rang after she sent a message to Johnny. “Hello?” she answered.

“Hey, Katerina, it’s me, Chantel.” Chantel Markham was Katerina’s lifelong best friend. “I just got back from university the other day, and I heard about your grandma. I wanted to go to the funeral, but it was Family Only.”

“It’s really nice to hear from you, Chantel,” Katerina said. “Do you think you could come over for a visit? I’m so depressed.”

Chantel came right over and they enjoyed catching up with one another. After a little while, Chantel said, “I heard you’ve been seen around town with some beefy hunk, you gotta fill me in!”

“His name is Johnny, and I love him so much. Things were going so well, but now he’s just vanished,” Katerina explained.

“Guys are so weird like that,” Chantel responded.

“I thought I would marry this man,” Katerina told her. “I love him with all my heart.”

Then she changed the subject. “I’m sorry for talking about me so much. Congratulations on graduating from med school!”

“Thank you.” Chantel pulled out her diploma to show it to her best friend.

“Oh my God, you brought it with you?” Katerina laughed at her friend.

“Hey, I’m proud of this piece of paper. I’m starting my residency next week.”

Katerina congratulated her again and hugged her when it was time for Chantel to leave.

“Thank you so much for coming,” she said.

“It’s no problem. Let’s get together again soon.”

She grabbed something to eat and felt more depressed than ever. It was nice to see her best female friend, but even that didn’t raise Katerina’s spirits.

She played the ballad she composed for Johnny, then decided to get ready for bed.

“Well, this is it,” she said to herself as she looked in the mirror.

“I’ll be alone forever and never get married or have a family. I’m so pathetic! No wonder he left me…”

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  1. Katarina needs to calm down! I’m fairly sure she wont be forever alone xD maybe Johnny is a serial murderer 😉 It would have been hilarious if she told everyone about the guy and he never existed though xD

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