The Black Widow’s Legacy: Chapter 16

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The following evening, Katerina was playing her violin when Johnny raced to her front door.

She actually freaked out a little when she saw him again!

“I brought you flowers,” he said. “Please, please forgive me!”

She smelled the roses briefly and then asked, “Where on earth have you been?”

“I was with my best friend, Will,” Johnny explained. “Just as we were gettting off work, he asked for my help. He was in a bad way and I couldn’t turn him down.”

“Didn’t you get all my messages?”

“We actually ended up going fishing in Twinbrook. Once we were out of town, my phone had no signal until I got back. I got all your messages just a few minutes ago.”

“Johnny…” Katerina sighed. “My grandmother died and I had to go through all of that alone.”

“I am so sorry, Kat! If I had any idea… It hurts me so much to think of everything you’ve been through. Can you ever forgive me?”

Katerina melted when he gave her that look.

“Yes, I forgive you,” she told him.

“Oh, thank you!” he breathed a sigh of relief and threw his arms around her. “I thought I might die if you said it was really over between us.”

Then he gave her a shy kiss.

“Do you want to catch a late movie with me?” he offered.

Katerina gladly accepted his invitation and they left to see a movie at the old theatre.

“It’s so nice to be with you again,” she said after the movie. “Come back to my place.”

When they got back to her house, Katerina said, “I have a kind of crazy idea…”

“Since you’re moving to Lucky Palms and we both want to be together, how would you feel about moving in here?”

“Do you really mean that?” he wondered.

“I really mean it. These past few days without you were terrible.”

Johnny agreed to move in and they smooched some more.

They went into the bedroom and Johnny told her, “I promise you wont regret this. I would do anything to make you happy again.”

“Just promise you wont leave me,” she replied.

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  1. emilzydiva says:

    Aaawwwwwwwww I sense an adorable weddig coming soon!! So happy they are back together again!! 😀

    My senses might be wrong though….. ill just have to wait and see!!

    • enkeli63 says:

      I’m glad they’re back together too! Sorry I wasn’t able to post the next chapter last night, my husband got tired while I was working on it and I decided to finish it this morning 😉

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