Getting Excited About Sims 4

Hey everyone!  As you can see, I’ve updated the look of my blog for the Sims 4, coming out this September.  I’m getting pretty excited about the new game!  It reminds me of Sims 2 in a lot of (good) ways, and I see hints of the things I did like about Sims 3 being carried over into the new game.  I have the feeling that Sims 4 is going to be the best game in the series, but I know it’s never a good idea to get your hopes too high.

Over the summer, I’m going to work on re-organizing my blog so I can keep the Sims 3 content as I move forward with the new game.

I hope you’re all doing well!  Feel free to let me know how you feel about Sims 4 and whether or not you’re excited about the upcoming release?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

Happy simming 😉

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4 Responses to Getting Excited About Sims 4

  1. pixiegamer says:

    Enkeli! You’re back! 🙂 *hugs* I missed you!

    TS4 is also reminding me a lot of the Sims 2 😀 For one thing, weddings and wedding arches are back in the base game, and the Sims actually seem to interact with each other again! I’m not sure that I’ll be getting it when it comes out (I expect there will be a few bugs, as there were many times with TS3, and the price is pretty expensive), but I’m probably going to keep it in my radar. If we get a proper business expansion, then I’d jump on the bandwagon 😉

    I think even with it coming out though, I’d like to flesh out my enjoyment of TS3, and maybe even revisit TS2 as I’m not sure I completely explored what it had to offer, either. So, no TS4 for me until I’m done with that, or until a business expansion comes out. 😛

    How have you been? I hope your health is doing better 🙂

    • enkeli63 says:

      Hi pixiegamer!! {{hugs}}} I missed you too! I’ll reply to the personal stuff first since it’s hard to stop talking about Sims 4 once I get started 😀 I’m doing a little better than last Autumn, when I had to drop off from my blog and stuff for months. I might make a post about this to share with all my readers… Anyways, back then I had major vision problems and other stuff, and I was put through a whole lot of tests. Just before Christmas, I was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis :S So yeah, some days are not bad and some can be quite challenging. The worst times are when fatigue, vision disturbances, or pain keeps me from gaming.

      About Sims 4, I was pretty happy to see the wedding arches are back in the base game! Sims 3 made us wait for those. I noticed during the Sims 4 wedding, at least one of the sims is holding a little booklet. That looks really cool! I hope that Sims 4 also has wedding cakes and a complete wedding scenario 😀 In a lot of ways, I think Sims 4 looks like what Sims 3 should’ve been (except without CASt so far, boohoohooo). The sims look more realistic and prettier than Sims 2 ones for sure, and they have the open world and story progression from Sims 3.

      I just hope that building a new engine for Sims 4 will prevent most of the bugs we had with Sims 3. Sims 3 just has so many bugs that it’s not even playable to me anymore. I stopped buying Store content around the time Sims 4 was announced, so I don’t even have all the stuff and an extra EP that some people are running their games with, but I just cannot stand to work around all those bugs anymore! It’s too much. I just want to have fun when I play a game these days. I don’t have time and strength to waste on troubleshooting or doing a lot of unreasonable work to make my game run well. I pre-ordered Sims 4 because I really want a Sims game that I can play. If the game doesn’t work well or isn’t fun, it’s the last Sims game I’ll buy, no doubt. But at this point, I am really hopeful because I think it does look like the best Sims game 🙂

      • pixiegamer says:

        I hope most days are good 🙂 Someone as pleasant as you are does not deserve pain. If you choose to make a post about it, you have all my support 🙂

        I’m happy to see a lot of things are back in TS4’s base game! Were you able to watch the trailer yesterday? Aside from wedding arches, it appears the following will also be returning: punching bags, the cowplant, pianos, babies WITH LEGS, and possibly aliens! And, according to the Gurus on twitter, ALL female clothing will be maternity clothing! 😀 AAaaaaah it’s reminding me of TS2 in soooo many ways (aside from the maternity clothing, of course)! It makes me want to reinstall my TS2 game to go back to what I wish TS3 was. 😛

        Totally agree that TS4 looks like what TS3 should have been (and makes me rather glad I didn’t spend very much money on TS3), although I have to say I don’t mind the lack of CASt (probably because I barely used it – my computer lagged severely when I CASted anything, and even then I only used a few select patterns). I just hope the world is open in the truest sense. I wouldn’t mind *some* rabbitholes, like business/political workplaces (I’m not really sure how interesting they could make Sims’ jobs there, aside from chance cards like TS2 had and the dropdown menu that TS3 had for how they would work), but if we don’t get open restaurants, then I’m not buying. Unless they mean for open restaurants to come with the business expansion; we’ll see.

        And yes, I agree about the bugs. I’ve been lucky to have avoided a lot of them with my game (though I suspect that might change when I install IP), but even if not for the bugs, TS3 just… was not a good game, in my opinion. A lot of what players actually wanted came from the Store, and while I’m thankful we got it, it felt really nickel-and-dimey. I’m hopeful this won’t happen as much with TS4, at least going off what we’re getting with the base game. Despite liking all that I’ve seen, though, I’m still going to wait to read other peoples’ reviews first before making my purchase.

        …That was a really long rant. Makes me think I should start a blog of my own for all my thoughts 😛

      • enkeli63 says:

        I found out about Districts yesterday. I don’t know if that’s the official term they’ll be using, but it’s one the fans have been using for a year. Anyhow, it sounds so awesome to me, and apparently it means we can have some of the open world freedom of Sims 3 with the more lively experience of community lots in Sims 2. I still need to know about timeflow (whether time progresses in all districts simultaneously, or if time is frozen in other districts) and whether or not sims can split up and go to different districts at the same time.

        Anyways, I thought the District thing might make for a really fun interactive story that I can do when I first get the game. It can be partially done in video and partly in text. I’ll make one young adult sim to live in a District with potential mates & friends provided by participants/readers of this blog. Like say, you make a sim to be a potential spouse or lifelong friend for my Legacy Founder 8) Then I’ll play the game with aging off for some time and let my Legacy Founder mingle with everyone in the District, that was created and shared by participants in the challenge, and find the sims who get along best with my Legacy Founder. I can do some reader votes for the final spouse and best friends. I think that could be a lot of fun, and a great way to involve the readers in the game again! So I’ll continue to think about that as I learn more about the game in the coming months 😀

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