New Blog Category: Other Games

I’m reorganizing my blog and getting ready to add Sims 4 content to it, and I decided to add a new section to the blog for Other Games.  Over the past couple years, I’ve really explored a lot more games than just the Sims series, and I thought I would share some of those experiences and my impressions of other games that you might be thinking of trying out.  I already have a few other games that I do Let’s Play videos for, so I really think I should share that stuff in my blog too.

Most of the Other Games are going to be for PC, but I may include a game here or there that is for Android mobile devices.  I’ve enjoyed a few mobile games, but I just don’t like all the pay walls, and have yet to find a really good game that is truly free to play.  I have played the Sims Freeplay, which is a “Freemium Game,” meaning that it is Free to Play, but you really do need to pay to get much out of the game.  I still have Freeplay installed on my phablet, but I stopped playing during the winter holidays.

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