Custom Sim: Vladimir Putin

I’ve done my best to recreate Vladimir Putin as a sim.  With the Sims 4 CAS Demo, we are limited to Young Adult sims only, so I am not able to get the sim as accurate as I’d like.  Nonetheless, I am very pleased with his result!  I didn’t try out other walk styles until I uploaded this sim to the Gallery (he uploaded with the default walk) but I found that the Tough Walk really suits him and I recommend changing that if you decide to play him!

I created Putin’s personality based on the propaganda seen in Western mainstream media (especially these days), and I am more making fun of the propaganda than anything else.  I gave the sim the aspiration Public Enemy which includes the bonus trait Dastardly, and he has the traits Evil, Self-Assured and Mean.  I really wanted to add romantic as well, but there’s not enough slots so he will just have to work on developing a romantic reputation once he gets into my game!  (With that personality, I’m almost thinking he could be a partner for Ms. Polina Romanova.  How scandalous!)



I didn’t show his other outfits because they are all subject to change when the full game ships 😉

I hope you like Sim Vladimir Putin!  He is available in the Gallery under my OriginID, Starwing6.

EDIT:  Today I received a comment in my Gallery on my Putin sim.  The Sims fan wrote:

“путин не вор но все равно круто”

I was concerned that I may have offended someone, so I got my husband to help me find out what the comment reads.  It reads something like “Putin isn’t a thief but he’s still cool.”   I had picked that Public Enemy aspiration that is for the criminal career, so of course that makes sense to have that comment.  With further assistance, I replied:

“Вариантов выбора для личности основана на пропаганде. Путин является удивительным” which should be close to “The choices for personality were based on propaganda.  Putin is awesome.”  😀

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