Custom Sim: Darren Randall

I apologize, I meant to post several sims yesterday, and now I have even more to catch up with!  Today I will start with my first remake sim–that is, a sim who is based off a sim I played in an earlier version of the game.  This one is Darren Randall, who was born in my Sims 2 game and was a cherished character.  I was never able to recreate him properly in Sims 3, so being able to recreate him means a lot to me.  Of course he (and all Sims 4 remake sims) looks better than the original sim he is based on, but that is the beauty of the new engine 😉

Darren is going to be the head of the Randall family in my upcoming serial story.  I will be following the lives of several Dynasties in both Oasis Springs and Willow Creek, as well as the adventures of a few side characters.  The Randall family is one of these Dynasties.  Darren will be changed to Adult age when the full game is released.


Darren’s aspiration is Successful Lineage and he has the Domestic bonus trait.  Otherwise, he is Active, Romantic and Self-Assured.  Stay tuned to this blog to find out more about Darren and his family in September 😉

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