Custom Sim: Martialis Silvanus

I have another special sim to share with you today.  Martialis Silvanus is my only bodybuilder type of sim that I’ve made for the Sims 4 so far.  His aspiration is to be a body builder and he has the fast metabolism bonus trait.  You’ll have to get him to really build his muscles of course, but I gave him a fair start 😉


His other traits include Active, Romantic and Hot Headed.  I hope he wont rage around too much, but I think it’ll be good for him to have a “negative” trait–although, none of the personality traits are truly negative, since they can all offer certain advantages to a character…

To be perfectly honest, I’m not quite sure why I gave Martialis a Roman name.  I don’t like to use the random name generator within the CAS Demo anymore, because there just are not enough names in there.

Martialis is available for download in the Gallery under my OriginID, Starwing6.

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