Custom Sim: Clara Arnesen

This sim is one of my most popular creations so far, and it’s probably because this character looks familiar to some.  She was inspired by Clara from Watch Dogs, but I didn’t even have a photo of the character when I made my sim.  I was just working on the sim and after some time, she was starting to look familiar to me and I thought, “I might as well call her Clara!”  LOL


Full Body Formal

Full Body Athletic

Full Body Sleepwear

Full Body Party

Clara’s personality ended up being inspired by the Watch Dogs character a little bit as well 😉  Her aspiration is Computer Whiz with Quick Learner as the bonus trait.  Her other traits are Genius, Self-Assured and Geek.  I feel those traits best suit a beautiful hacker girl character and I hope you’ll agree.

If you’d like to download Clara Arnesen, she is available in the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.


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