Custom Sim: Tim Gray

Here is a boy-next-door for those of you who don’t want every male sim to look like he just stepped out of a recent issue of GQ.  I think that this sim, Tim Gray, is handsome but he’s not over the top.  I hope he will make a nice addition to your sims’ dating pool 😉


Tim’s hair is one of my favourite in the CAS Demo selection.  It has a ponytail and that’s going to suit a lot of my sims, I’m sure!

Tim’s primary interest in life is fishing; he aspires to be an Angling Ace, and he has the Collector bonus trait.  Tim also Loves the Outdoors and is a Loner, but he’s also Romantic.  If you think you can find a place for Tim in your game, you can download him from the Gallery by searching for my OriginID, Starwing6.



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