The 8 Sisters Challenge

Today on the Sims Forums there was a fun challenge presented by a fellow player known as Simmerville.  You can check out the original discussion thread here.  Anyhow, the 8 Sister Challenge is basically an experiment to put the Sims 4 DNA Generator to the test!

Step 1: Take a female sim with unique features into CAS
Step 2: Click on the Add Sim button and Select the Play With Genetics option
Step 3: Generate a Random Sister
Step 4: Select your newly generated sister and Click on Add a Sim Again
Step 5: Making sure your newest sim is selected, Generate a Random Sister
Continue generating a new random sister from the last one until you have 8 sisters.

I used my lovely Vega Nakazali sim that I made yesterday, since she certainly has unique features!  Here are the results of the experiment.

As you can see, the hair and skin colour stayed the same.  The nose shape also remained the same.  The experiment was intended to discover if the Random DNA Generator will tend to normalize sims in this manner, which would mean that over the generations, sims would begin to look very similar.  The thread I linked to above includes additional examples from other players too, if you’d like to check out a larger sample!  You should try it yourself too 😉  Go ahead and try it out with brothers too–just keep it to the same gender so the changes will be easier to spot.

I didn’t have the heart to just delete my alien sisters, so I spent a disgusting amount of time giving them makeovers.  I made all their eyes big and fixed a few features such as too big cheeks, etc.  I also changed hair to suit my story, and gave them all the right body shape and size.  Now I love them and I think they’ll probably be my Let’s Play family!

Another player pointed out that some of the sisters have bigger eyes than my original alien and that is unintentional.  During the random generation process, some were given different eye types.  All of them have their eyes stretched as large as they will go.

The sisters all have their own character and personality and they are all available for download if you want to add them to your family!  Just search for my OriginID, Starwing6.

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